• High metabolism, and the type of food you eat can affect this. It also matters what you are drinking. As long as you are drinking healthy things, it actually isn't bad for you at all. Your body becomes accostumed to it; especially with water will lead to healthier kidneys, skin, etc. In my experience (I just increased the amt of water I drink for these exact reasons), the more you drink the more your body wants you to drink. It gets used to the routine and you get thirsty more often because of it. I'm not a dr, this is not medical advice just telling you from my personal experiences.
  • You are supposed to have at least 8 glasses a day, but if you are drinking 1 gallon of water a day and are still thirsty it could be something worth talking to a doctor about. If you have high activity level then that doesn't seem too abnormal, but you can toxify your system by drinking too much water. I'd stay away from the fruity drinks with lots of sugar, those can make you thirsty.
  • be careful drinking lots of tea. caffeine is a diuretic. so it's recommended that you rink a glass of water extra for every drink with caffeine in it. maybe try rooibos (the african red bush plant) instead of tea. also, being thirsty could be a sign of a disease (can't remember which one) so if your consumption worries you, find a doctor and make them ease your mind or fix you.
  • Dont you add salt to everything you eat ? I know salty foods make you more thirsty .
  • maybe you should get tested for diabetes
  • Excessive thirst is a classic symptom of diabetes so if your blood tests didn't include testing for diabetes (it should have) then test for it.
  • That is not an over anundance of water. If it was, the doctor who ordered the blood test would have told you anout it.

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