• it use to be really crap and we use to really hate each other. now its really good
  • It used to be really great..then she developed Alzheimers and it was still good but difficult..but now she has been dead since 1992.
  • Great! I call and talk with my mother everyday! We've always been close but the older I became, we got closer. I am sooooooooooo thankful to my parents for the guidance they gave me - the youth in today's society are missing good parents.
  • non-existent at the moment
  • I've not talked with her or seen her since I was ten years old. I am now 65.
  • We've never been close, but we don't have a bad relationship.
  • Awesome .. she lives on our property and just poked her head in the doorway to say hi on her way to wherever :)
  • Super close. I don't know what i would do without her. She is both Mother & Friend when she needs to be. She can kick my sorry butt into gear and hug me when i cry. I'm very lucky =)
  • Very good, I love her dearly.
  • Now that its long distance, its a lot closer then before, we miss each other a lot!
  • She has passed away but the time we had were the best and I wouldn't have missed it for the world :o)
  • pretty good I talk to her on the phone or email her more days than not
  • lol im a mommas boy but not in a bad way. I can talk to her about anything and everything and she helps me in whatever way she can and never judges me. No matter what it is i may ask her guidance with.
  • It's okay. Life with my dad is difficult for her. She's a good person and I love her but since moving across the country, contact isn't often.
  • Excellent! I call my mother everyday! I am very thankful to have such a wonderful mother and I'm trying to be the same type of mother to my children. My parents loved me enough to teach me, discipline me, guide me and love me.
  • We are a lot alike and i think i'm AWESOME! so that explains it.
  • Prior to her death from cancer in 1983, it was great.
  • Not a good one. She was always into her job and not interested in her daughter whatsoever. She is still that way. Its tough not having that mother/daughter bond. I get it with my Aunt but thats still not my own mother. No matter. The emotional neglect I've experienced will make me a better mother to my own children knowing what they need to feel loved.
  • good I always see her everyday before work without fail :)
  • I'm 16 and raised by a single mom; are relationship is great. She's very strict and a little overbearing at times; but she's also my best friend.
  • complete role reversal, I'm more like the mum.
  • I have two moms... and then some, for some reason all of our older female friends, and my best friend's mother want to be our mother or acts like a mother towards us, (my twin sister and I is what I meant by us). My birth mom- I love her, I don't know why, I should hate her, she left us when we were 8 months old. Our relationship is not great, because we rarely see her. I've seen her twice within the last 6 years. but when we do, we have a great relationship. She's a good person, she just wasn't cut out for kids. Step-Mom- She's been with us since we were about 1 and a half. I can't see how my father fell in love with her. She's not a whole lot of fun most of the time, and she acts like a bitch. Barely anybody, except my dad of course, likes her. My friends are afraid of her. Some of them don't even come to our house because they don't like her. So basically, not great. Wow that was a long post to answer such a short question.
  • 90% of the time, its fantastic. The rest she drives me mental
  • Haven't spoken with her in a year. It's been the best year of my life. That abusive, evil woman will never meet my son.
  • Used to be good but, we have drifted apart over stupid words we said to each other.

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