• I was fairly sheltered when I was little, but didn't have a bed time, or a curfew. But never pushed the limits on either:)
  • My older siblings stories indicate that they were more strict than they were with me and my sister, the youngest. After raising 6 they must have relaxed a bit, yet there was this unspoken boundary of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  • really strict, i wasnt even allowed to have friends conne over when i was growing up
  • My dad was very strict until I was about 13 years There was no stopping me, I was very rebellious. Still am at times.
  • My mum was strict, my dad was more permissive.
  • My mum was strict, my dad was even stricter.
  • They were pretty strict. Many of my generation call it the "boarding school attitude". The parents were taken away from home by the govt and forced to grow up away from family in the boarding schools. There they experienced strict rules and harsh punishments for infractions of any rules. It made many of them sort of mean. 10/23/23
  • Strict enough to teach me better-behaved skills. Growing up without permission and guidance makes teen years even harder.
  • Not too bad....there were definitely plenty of rules but none of it was too over the top. I didn't really require too much of a strict approach.

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