• Quite a few, the ones that come most readily to mind are those that apply to divorce and custody issues, the courts almost always side with the mother unless there is something very, very wrong with her and even then there is a high likelihood that will happen. I know a couple that divorced recently and quite frankly the child would be better off emotionally, financially, etc. with the father; mom drinks and parties quite a bit and the child (2 or 3 years old) is left with a baby sitter about 90% of the time (unless you count times when mom sleeps). Dad doesn't drink and is not a spendthrift, moreover he runs his own business and is able to do most of it from home so the child has a parent rather than just a babysitter most times (nothing wrong with a babysitter occasionally, but particularly a toddler or younger child like this should have a strong parental influence IMO). I'm sure there are other examples out there but thats what comes to mind off the top of my head.
  • Quite a bit, most notably that in some places it is against the law for women to be topless at the beach or pool. Equal rights people, they are allowed to be topless as well, their bathing suits look very constricting.

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