• I'm guessing you mean a "mitre" -- a pointed hat worn by the pope, cardinals, and bishops in the Catholic Church. (Anglican bishops also wear them.) All bishops wear them. (The pope would never quit being a bishop.) It shape symbolizes the tongues of fire from Pentecost.
  • its called a zucchetto and it was used to keep the head warm. To show piety men of the clothe shaved their heads in a certain way, where they were in essence bald. As they cold came in, they needed something to cover it so the zucchetto was born. After years of use and as the prominence of the church grew it was adapted into every day wear by the Pope, Cardinal, Bishops. Mosignors and certain Monks, each with their respective colors.
  • cause his head gets cold?
  • To cover up his bald spot.
  • its lined w/ aluminum foil so he can communicate w/ the home world...:-)
  • The mitre or (from the Greek μίτρα meaning 'headband' or 'turban'), is the traditional, ceremonial head-dress of bishops and certain abbots in the following Christian Churches: • Roman Catholic Church • The Anglican Communion • Some Lutherans • Eastern Orthodox Church • Eastern Catholic Churches • Oriental Orthodox Churches For more information, see: With love in Christ.
  • Ok, so are U trying to make a POINT here or what??? Gud 1 LOL John
  • To hide his bunny ears.
  • Because they won't let him wear a cowboy hat!!
  • As with many Catholic traditional items it was taken from other nations gods. The mitre originated with Nimrod, and the Catholic church in efforts to appease those who still hung on to Babylonian, Egyptian etc... gods incorporated it into their worship. Much of Roman Catholicism's symbols came from this technique. Just like the Virgin, she originated with an ancient goddess of fertility, her image was simply renamed to be the Virgin Mary, same statue, different name.
  • A pagan tradition to cover the heavy dandruf & scabies. My 2 cents.
  • In ordinary life, the pope wears a simple cap called a zucchetto. For special occasions, such as when he celebrates Mass, he wears a formal headdress called a miter
  • Haha, now that I think about it, it seems like a personal Tower-Of-Babel...Only he is allowed to where it, it shows his self-proclaimed superiority, it has no practical purpose, it's just really big, etc.

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