• I've been to car crashes where the backseat passenger was flung forward into the driver. His head crushed the driver's head. Bad day for both of them.
    • MichaelXD
      Who do you work as? Do you work as paramedics, police officer, ambulance, or something? What happened to the driver? Did it end up like in this commercial:
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Used to be the Po-Leece
  • probably cause theyre bumping into the other people that are wearing their seatbelts
  • Besides the psychological damage of the person dying or seeing the perhaps gross physical trauma sustained by the deceased person, it can also cause life long PTSD for the survivors. In addition, a body flying through the air may cause death or life long physical injury to the person or persons the body strikes. All because the jerk chose not to seatbelt in.

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