• Probably a few hundred miles.
  • Real close, I have them in my fish tank.
  • jaws the movie
  • I would have to say that I was separated from a shark by a foot of glass when I was viewing them at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.:)
  • Who knows? Maybe one was lurking 10 feet away from me while I frolicked in the ocean! Scary! The closest I intentionally get is while watching Shark Week. :D
  • Probably a few feet, while at the zoo's aquarium.
  • Behind glass in the aquarium. So...only a couple feet or so. :)
  • I've actually been bumped by a white tip reef shark while scuba diving off Maui . Sharks are incredibly quick and powerful creatures. It wasn't trying to bite me . I think I actually startled it and it was just trying to get away from me. Actually I think we kind of scared each other a little bit ;-)
  • Aquarium.But....I've been in the ocean many times and who knows how close they come to you.The last time I was in Florida a man fishing off the pier told me that he could see them around the people swimming.
  • The discovery channel.
  • Inches away when I visited aquariums. In the Atlantic, hard to tell. I've heard they swim close to shore often. Maybe less than 100 yards away while swimming.
  • My uncle owns a charter fishing boat based in Montauk, NY. I was first mate on the boat in my high-school years, and caught lots of them. I would have to lean out with a gaff hook and snag the sucker in the mouth.
  • I've also seen them from behind the safety of a pane of glass at aquariums. They had me transfixed for hours. I would have moved in if they'd let me - lol. However when I went snorkelling in the Carribean, I was paddling about minding my own business. When I looked down towards the sea - bed, I got the shock of my life. There were 2 (2 - 3 foot) sharks at rest on the sand right underneath me. They were hardly of Jaws like proportions, but nevertheless I nearly pooed my bikini - tee - hee. I hasten to add they showed absolutely no interest in me whatsoever. I was jaw - inspired by them.
  • About 8 inches away. From a 8 foot sand tiger shark. I was 230 feet down on the wreck of a freighter, and a bit narc'd from the depth. I was about to swim past a 4 foot hole in the side of the freighter when the sand tiger came out. It was in slow motion and felt the the beginning of Star Wars when the imperial cruiser passes overhead; it went on and on. And as its eye went past, I could see it swivel towards me. It swam out into open water, turned back at me, took a good look at what must have appeared to be a large insect making strange noises, then it swam off.

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