• Either the pop-up blocker is not set to a high enough level or you may have a virus or trogan lurking about. Check the blockers settings. If you don't want any pop-ups at all, set it to the highest possible setting.If this doen't resolve things, do a thorough virus scan from a few different sources. If the pop-ups are harmless advertisments , it's most likley due to the settings. If they are sexual in nature or pop-ups telling you your computer is infected, or your computer needs cleaning or some other advertisment about your computer, then a virus, trojan, or spyware is most likely the source.
  • Update your anti virus and anti spyware and run a scan... If then doesn't help then go for a new pop up blocker... Alternatively, notice a few things first.. If the problem arises while surfing a specific website then you should get a new pop up blocker. And if the pop ups show up randomly and not not some specific website then your computer is probably infected, go for a virus and spyware scan

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