• "Never" say no? Don't agree. If he said yes to someone after an occasional "no," he doesn't deserve me for a wife. Actually, if he said yes to someone at all, he doesn't deserve me for a wife;)
  • somewhat i think you have to say no once in a while or you will be giving up your right to say no but yes i do feel if a husband doesnt get it from his wife he might look else where its a mans need but i think some men can masturbate themselves if all else fails I think its more pleasant to have a partner though.
  • I've never wanted to say no. If for some crazy reason I had to say no, he would never look elsewhere.
  • Can't say I do. Sometimes, I just really don't want to have sex. Or do anything, really. And, if after one of the rare 'nos' I manage to mutter, he decides to go elsewhere, it's his stupidity. I'm not here to please him. This is a relationship, not slavery. He's too damn spoiled if he can't handle hearing a 'no' on occasion.
  • I would rather say, don't always say no to your husband, throw him a bone ans say yes sometimes.
  • A guy has to be more understanding than that. He must understand that sometimes a no is the best a woman can do.
  • Excellent advice. I agree 100%... Even though my hubby does have someone else, I still try to keep him happy at home.
  • Helloooo...what year is this??!! Aren't your needs important? Ok, if you want to play second fiddle, listen to your Nana...but if you want to play a leading role in your life, make sure he considers your needs!
  • I'd have to say it goes both ways. We almost never say no to each other. Some times I say yes when I'm tierd or not feeling well and she does the same. Once we submite to eachother we are both happy once we've started.
  • Never say no? I don't agree at all.... If he goes with another yes.... then he better stay with the other yes.
  • I would never say no to my husband -- but actually the occasion has never arisen when I might want to do so. He sees when I am sick, or not in the mood and he just doesn't ask at those times. If he did, however, I would be there for him--one way or another--I'd make him happy.
  • What if the husband says, "Can I cheat on you?"
  • How about when your hubby asks everyday, even twice a day? lol. And you've got 2 children. I tell him no, and if thinks he needs to run off, then I don't need him. This is MHO! I've never deprived my husband. He gets sex alot from me... sometimes I just don't want too.
  • No! If he'll get a yes from someone else, then he's not worth being my husband, period. It's got to be fair, and you both have to compromise a little. Sometimes you might say no, sometimes he might say no. The world isn't what it was 30, 40 years ago. We (women) have jobs now. Careers, education. We don't have to put up with what our mothers and grandmothers used to. I didn't go to school and get a career for myself just to have to say "Yes, sir!" to my man all the time...!
  • It's good advise, your Nana might not have said no. I do and did and will. Even if you give in 3 times a day, if the guys going to find it outside, he'll find it. Love and sex are not the same thing.
  • Of all the problems a marriage can have, sex can be the greatest destroyer or the greatest bond. If there is no sex, then you might as well just be friends and marry somebody else. I would be crushed if my husband didn't desire me. It is a primary component in marriage. I say no sometimes, but not to willfully hurt him. I just get tired or have too many things on my mind. In fact, we both say no at times because of those very reasons. It's not enough to go outside the marriage, though. If that happened, we wouldn't even be friends. I could not tolerate that kind of slap in the face. I would never recover.
  • No, no I don't.
  • Finally a woman who gets it. More women should be smart and listen to your Nana.
  • If my husband had wanted a "yes-girl" he would have married someone else. Each of us in very independent and we respect each other's right to say no.
  • No..i don't agree.
  • i` thi`nk you should never say` no to y`our husband .i never do.t`hey will go else where if y`ou dont full fi`ll them
  • Not if ur husband is a good husband
  • Your Nana is wrong. A woman should be viewed as more than just a sex object by a man who claims to love her and has comitted his life to her. Any good decent self respecting man would not go elsewhere if they truly and honestly loved you.
  • Your nana sounds like she was trapped by circumstance and the bad luck of being a woman during an era when men made the rules. We don't live in that time anymore and our foremothers sacrificed and worked hard so that women aren't relegated to mere sex objects and maids in their own homes. I think during your grandmother's time this may have been good advice, but I don't think it applies anymore.

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