• Did your Toyota do this after taking it to a mechanic? The "nock" can be either a clogged injector, or possibly a fuel pump/fuel line that has a clogged filter or that the pump itself is about to go out. (Did you run it empty or real low on fuel?)The light is an indicator switch. My guess is that it is the "engine service light". Take it to a different mechanic.
  • Mechanic says it is definitely an internal engine issue -- we had new spark plugs done when the rest of the work was done last week -- I'm clueless. Thanks.
  • An internal knocking sound, from the engine, is a definite sign of a piston problem. Toyota engines should give you at least 250,000 miles of good service. are you sure about the mileage, you have stated? did you buy the car new or used? If a mechanic states it needs a new engine, then this engine has had a bad past mechanical history. low engine oil will ruin an engine. just one of many reasons your engine sounds like it has had past abuse. If you did not take your toyota to a toyota dealer, do so. it will cost a little, but they have the diagnostic equipment needed to evaluate your cars engine and give you a printout of the problem.
  • My daughter's car -- we have had it for 2 years & always changed the oil regularly (based on her reminders of course). We bought it from the neighbor with 47K miles so we are the second owner. It's difficult as my daughter has taken it to college and we put $935 (brakes, battery, tires, spark plugs) in it last week so she would be OK driving on rural roads -- knock started on the way back to school. Still think the car is worth replacing the engine as it has given us no problems up until now?
  • My 2001 Toyota Corolla also needs a new engine at only 68,000 miles. It is also because of a knocking noise in the engine. The mechanic said that it is a bent piston in the first cylinder. Please let me know what you find out...
  • My friend had a 2000 Corolla and I have a 2001 and we've both had the SAME problems. At 99,000 miles the engine is GONE. Both our mechanics stated that this is a common problem with this year Corolla. Also, my oil pan was cracked and my catalytic converter is toast. I am so disappointed as Corolla's have such a good reputation! On my friend's 2000 Corolla...the brake system fell out into his driveway at 150,000 miles. I am getting rid of this car as soon as the warranty runs out in August!

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