• Jim Morrison died in a bathtub in Paris, France on 3 July 1971, he was 27.many fans and biographers have speculated that the cause of death was a drug overdose, or possibly an assassination by American government authorities. Morrison remarked several times near his death that he was "number 3". Referring to himself as likely to be the third person to die mysteriously; Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin being the first two (nothing too mysterious about those deaths if you ask me). The official report listed "heart attack" as the cause of death. Some fans believe that Morrison faked his death in order to escape the spotlight. Conspiracy theorists point out that Morrison's longtime girlfriend, Pamela Courson, initially told the press that Morrison was merely "very tired and resting in a hospital", that very few people had actually seen the corpse prior to its burial, and that Morrison, in the months prior to his 'death', had often talked jokingly with his bandmates about "splitting to Africa". Doors drummer, John Densmore, upon visiting Morrison's grave for the first time, is said to have remarked that it was too short. Theories abound! Other sources state the following: Morrison was fed up with the music industry in LA, so he packed up and went to live in Paris with Pamela Courson. Morrison was a rather large shadow of his former self during his final months. Too much booze (he was a confirmed alcoholic), heroin and women. He and Pam shared an apartment at 17 rue Beautreillis. It seems that Morrison had spent the fated evening at Rock n Roll Circus (now called the "Whisky A Go Go" at 57 rue de la Seine), where he acquired a fix (heroin). It was Chinese and very pure. Some would say too pure. There is one story that Jim died in the club, then his body was taken back to his apartment. Officially, he died in the apartment, in the bathtub, from heart failure. Pam reportedly told the police that Jim complained of feeling ill, and asked her to get a bath ready. Minutes later she discovered him, unconscious in the tub. No autopsy was done, and Pam "could not remember" the name of the doctor who signed the certificate and stated: "Heart problems were aggravated by the abuse of alcohol, followed by an abrupt change of temperature caused cardiac arrest." Some claim that a mishap caused his death as in the following information: Morrison came home to his apartment when he saw Pamela Courson and a pile of white powder on the table next to her. Jim and Pamela often got in violent fights about her heroin addiction. Pamela did not want to get into another fight so she told Jim that it was cocaine. Jim had been known to like cocaine so he snorted it. The heroin was too pure and too much for Jim because he did not usually do heroin. He fell to the ground and Pamela panicked and got a tub of warm water ready (to resucsitate him post OD). She put Jim in the tub and called the police. Jim Morrison was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m. Is he dead? Was it drugs? A heart attack? Murder? Or is he hanging out with Elvis at the local Burger King? Draw your own conclusions :)
  • Rumors abound for ths question! This however is what I ( after much research) believe to be true. Shortly before leaving for Paris Jim took a (not so unusual) fall off a two story buildidng, landing on a shed. This was not unusual for Jim who brushed it off even, though he was injured quite badly. Jim had this amazing ability to bounce back from illness or injury remarkably quick, ie. penemonia in two days, so he rarely saw a doctor even if the illness or injury appeared severe. Shortly after arriving in Paris, Morrison began to have breathing difficulties coughing up blood. Pamela insisted that he see a doctor, but being stubborn as usual he refused to go, so she called a doctor who came and examined morrison at their appartment. He perscribed Jim antibiotics, which he refused to take, and his condition continued to worsen, in the months before he died having several more eppisodes in which he coughed and vomited up blood. The day of his death he and pamela went to see a movie and upon returning Jim began to feel unwell, they went to bed and Pamela was awoke a short time later. Jim was ill and vomiting up blood, she recalled getting him a pan to vomit in and emptying it several times before the episode was over. Jim asked Pam to draw him a bath, having done this he reasured her that he was feeling better and would be to bed soon. Pamela woke around 5 am and seeing that jim had not come to bed yet, found him deceased in the bath tub, the only sign of death being a small amount off blood around one of his nostrils. It is my opinion that Jim had infact severly injured himself prior to coming to Paris in the fall that he had taken, the injury became a severe infection which is what eventully took his life. People are always saying that it was herion, and that Pamela was the indirect cause of his death. It is true that Pam used herion, although she was not a "junkie" at that point. It is also true that Jim was terrified of downers in general and would not have done herion unless by mistake. It was a huge issue in their relationship, Jim did not want Pam doing herion, so she kept her use a secret. Pam did not like uppers such as cocaine, so i personally find it hard to believe that if caught with a pile of white powder there would be any doubt in Jims mind as to what that powder was. therefore i find the heroin theroy to be highly unlikely, not to mention that shorly before Paris, Jim had a bad experience with cocaine, so it is unlikely that even if offered coke Jim would do it large quanities. Jim had a bad experence with marajuana in Jamica and never smoked it again. Jim was not a drug addict, he was an acholoic, so as far as Jim and drugs were concerened they were a hobby not a complusion. As for the "mystery" as to why ther was no autopsy, the fact is that in France at that time autopsy's were not performed unless the death was a suspected murder, so there was obviously no doubt in the physicians mind that this was no homicide and the death was natural. I believe that considering that Jims health was failing in the months leading up to his death that there is no reason to believe that his death was anything but natural.
  • Possible Heroin O.D. as stated on Pamela Cursons Death certificate. (Husband died of Heroin Overdose. Bathtub is use to relive an O.D. Read Biography of Morrison by Stephen Davis for acurate details.
  • elvis presley shot him because of his immense envy on the lizard king
  • what is documented is that after Pamela returned to the states she told a few friends that Jim overdosed on her stash. for personal reasons they all declined to talk publicly for a long while but some eventually opened up. she gave conflicting accounts as to what exactly happened but they all come to the same conclusion. her own o d after a few years of continual self destructive behavior seems to confirm a sense of guilt and a very sad truth.
  • This doesn't really explain how.. but according to my book.. "The official story goes like this: Pam and Jim were alone at the flat (sometime after midnight, saturday, july 3, 1971) when Jim regurgitated a small quantity of blood. He had done this before, Pam said, and although she was concerned, she was not really upset. Jim claimed he felt okay and said he was going to take a bath. Pamela fell asleep again. At five she woke, saw Jim had not returned to bed, went into the bathroom, and found him in the tub, his arms resting on the porcelain sides, his head back, his long, wet hair matted against the rim, a boyish smile across his clean-shaven face. At first Pamela thought he was playing one of his macabre jokes, but then she called the fire department's recuscitation unit. A doctor and the police followed, Pamela said, but they were too late. ...
  • he was great, and w deseve to know. but, the fact of the matter is no one will ever know. the end.
  • my own opinion is that he did start abusing heroin. he exibited all the signs of heroin abuse including impotency and severe depression. and in the photos prior to his death, pamela's face showed signs of a rash which is also associated with heroin abuse. i don't think it is fair to blame her though. jim was an extremely intelligent man and responsible for his own actions. he definitely believed in excess and testing the bounds of reality. i think in the end though the booze and drugs and sex began taking something vital from him. his essence was being drained away and he was only a shell his former brillance. i also believe he knew this terrible truth. he definitely had reason to be depressed. if only he had lived long enough to realize those things were only a distraction to his true purpose. a true poet has no need for such excess.
  • Who cares? He was a genius and when in Paris he's the first I go to visit. As for you and your Aids theory why dont you go back to your Bush spons ored trailer park. The Lizard King will rise again
  • please stop musing! you are all intitled to your own ideal end to your story! just like oliver stone but the only two people who can really know are sadly dead. as long as the doors still sell, he will live on. listen to his words ang you will know him as deeply as you know any one! IN YOUR WAY! he belongs to us all and we should take advantage. Still waiting for the summer rain. lee a
  • i don't belive that jim faked his death thats crazy. that always seems to be the case with celebertys. for example tu-pac. the 7 theory. it all lead to him coming back 7 years later but he hasn't and its 2009 now. he would have been back by now. jim was a influence in my life and his acid use gave him much it did for me.
  • Didn't he drown?
  • I don't know, it was six years before I was born and I have heard different stories about it from different people.

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