• I tried to kill myself 6 months ago, I was feeling like you. I failed as you can see but now I'm fighting an another battle, it's the reconstruction, I'm trying to fight with my demons because you are gonna get a lot of if you survived form sucide. And most important, you're gonna destroy your family, I see that, at the hospital when I woke up I saw my dad crying and my twin, now I know that they will be destroy if I died and trust me it's horrible. If you do that, even if you think no one loves one, it's not true. I used to think that no one love me but it's totally false !!!!! Contact me if you need to talk, I will be 100 % present for you! I promise
    • Cats & Dolphins
      Great you care about a stranger.
  • you need to get help for your issues
    • Lynda Appell
      You may be suffering from depression. One problem with depression is your negative thoughts feel so real. I know personally. I got help and I;m feeling much better . Good luck.
    • Marlene M Moon
      So true!
  • It sounds like you are clinically depressed. That means your BODY is depressed in some way. Stress, lack of sleep, and other circumstances can be overloading your already sensitive mind. Remember, please, your mind IS. Your situation may just be bigger than you in totality and you need assistance. I recommend a complete physical (you may have some kind of hormonal imbalance) and seeking professional medical help would be a good thing. When we are low it is easy to think we are worthless or unimportant. ALL OF US, without exception, have times in our lives were we are
  • Why die and give them an easy life? Get focussed instead and develop what you have not what you think you should have.
  • Naturally in "Gods" time. Hope you fine a counselor/mentor you trust to help you through. The way you see yourself is NOT to be trusted. When you feel better and you are able, be of service to others in need.

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