• i watch adult cartoons like Family Guy and South Park but that's pretty much it...well the Simpson's too but thats not like Sponge Bob or anything
  • I would if they made them like they did in the 50's..they were the best. I'll watch Sponge Bob if my granddaughter is over but that's all.
  • Having kids gives me a perfectly reasonable excuse for watching cartoons! Problems arise when they get bored and want to "go outside and play". I don't understand what this means. Must be some girl thing.
  • Hellz yea. I still watch the Jetsons, Flintstones, Batman, and Tom & Jerry. Not every day, mind you, but I still watch them. They're classic.
  • of course!
  • Hope I never see the day that "grown up" means not being able to watch cartoons! lol Guess you can see the answer is "yes". Classics .. new ones .. and a few years ago, I decided to learn what anime is all about so have rented lots of anime series and films now too. Add in any of the animated holiday specials if you consider those cartoons too and well .. can only repeat .. "yes". lol (There must be a question around here someplace to talk about "favorite cartoons or animation", right? Will have to look around as I almost launched right into making a list of favorite characters!) Glad you asked this question. :)
  • On PBS with my grandchildren. My favorite is Curious Geroge.
  • Yes i love the pink panther and garfield! :)
  • The last cartoon I saw was Looney Tunes: Back in Action. I'd say I that I was all grown up then even though I was only 56. ;) It wasn't that funny overall but I did LMAO when they were driving backwards through congested traffic at 70 MPH. :p
  • not just cartoons...even those baby shows. i watch iggle piggle and upsie daisy. that's about the time i eat breakfast. i even find myself laughing sometimes...and i'm like "dewd...what the freak!"
  • Yes I love cartoons. I still watch them sometimes.
  • yes, roadrunner and, Sylvester and tweety and tom and jerry mostly, keeps me feeling young;-)
  • Yep, cartoons are funny no matter what age you are.
  • Yes i watched a road runner cartoon the other day.
  • Yes. Many cartoons are for anyone to watch except for cartoons that are rated 12 and up for mature audiences. I watch The Simpsons, Walt Disney cartoons and some Pixar animations. I’m 40 years old and I see nothing wrong with adults watching cartoons that are targeted for children. Some cartoons for children can have humour in it that only some adults can understand like certain episodes of The Simpsons for instance.
  • I liked cartoons until I was 8 years old.

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