• yes... just as much as those validated by spirituality... so i guess no at the same time
  • Well technically this is an oxymoron. Science is meant to always be questioned. So things like a "scientific consensus (ie global warming) is kind of a bunch of junk.
  • Yes and no. It really depends on what kinds of things they are and what kind of experiments and reasoning have been used to "validate" them. God's existence, for example, cannot be validated by science (nor can it be unvalidated), however the fact that bodies attract to one another and that the Earth is not the center of the universe are easier to swallow because they are, in fact, empirically verifiable and in line with "common sense" (of course, when we start talking about Quantum Physics and Relativity, "common sense" goes right out the window). However, while certain things can be validated more accurately, we have to keep in mind that science is always changing. 150 years ago Newtonian Physics was believed to be accurate and complete, and then Einstein came along and completely destroyed it. Even today, we have debates between scientists about which theories are accurate and which aren't. Ultimately, I'm skeptical about everything, and scientific validation isn't really an exception.
  • I am not sure what you mean by respect in this sense. I do not need everything to be validated (or proven) by science, though. Most of the time it is better for me to explore possibilities and jog my brain that way. If later it is proven or disproven, then so be it. But sometimes I am amazed by what the human brain can fathom on it's own.
  • 7-9-2017 Science has a flat tire. There are people, mostly non-scientists, who have appointed themselves to judge opinions about scientific matters. If an opinion does not earn their approval, they shout insults at the person responsible until he STFU and goes away. Some of these people control grant money, so scientists have to be careful not to say things that endanger their grants. For example, evolution is a big deal, and authors of papers will mention evolution in a positive way even when it has nothing to do with the paper. Another example: Here is a forum provided for people to discuss astronomy pictures published by NASA. Notice rule 15: discussion of alternative theories, the definition of science, is specifically forbidden.

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