• When my mom died, when she had her last breathe, the sheets on the side of the bed fluttered for about 15 seconds, spooked us all some.
  • In this family at least on hubby side, every time someone dies in a very short time a new baby is born into the family.
  • within minutes of my gorgeous dad dying, his old broken clock shich had been tucked down the side of a cupboard, ready for throwing, started ticking!!!
  • I have had a strange coincidence myself. About the time my brother in law died, I had just went into the grocery. I had a very horrible feeling. It was a mix of fear, dread, sadness,very anxious. I literally starting crying right there in the store. It was something I just can't explain. That is the only thing I can think of, because that's not me at all. I have wondered about this more and more. I hate the thought of not being able to know for sure.
  • My Grandfather was dying at a Hospital some 75 miles away from my home. My overweight sister already had dinner but wanted another plate, so while she was grabbing the frying pan handle in order to get another chicken breast, she said that she felt like if someone was pulling the frying pan away from her. She got nervous and lost her appetite. A few minutes later we received a phone call from the Hospital notifying us that he had died. My Grandfather was always concerned about my Sister's weight and kept talking to her, but she wouldn't listen..... Was it a Coincidence? I don't know.....but it is weird.....
  • Yes, a very strange one and it could not have been waved away.
  • I don't know if this counts, but my grandmother died last year April 21st. She was, I'm sure, "ready", due to pain, but she didn't until all three of her boys (my Dad was there with her most of the time, but my uncles were in Florida; one was coming back to Indy for the summer, and even packed up) had spent a good portion of that last day with her. After everyone went home for the night, and had a chance to relax a little while, Dad got the call.
  • Several around the time my mom passed: I've always loved swans and so my wedding decorations involved a swan theme. At my mom's funeral, a swan landed by her grave site interment even though there was no water around. Later that same afternoon, a lone swan arrived on the property where we were having her wake, and it stayed until all the guests left. Mom used to tell me how, growing up, I loved baby sheep at petting farms. Ten days after her death my son's preschool went to a petting farm and they had twin sheep born the same day mom died.
  • yep. long before my grandma died, i would happen to look at a clock and it would be 12:34... she died 12/3.
  • A kid in my community died on his 19th birthday and a guy I know for a long time died on his wedding anniversary. Aside from that, no.
  • On Christmas Eve when I was younger my parents were going to visit my grandma and they asked if I wanted to go. I got very uncomfortable and said I didn't feel right and wanted to stay home. When they got there, the ambulance was there. They got home and said "you knew didn't you" it was weird.
  • My grandfather died while in his home on a weekend. He had a stroke and couldn't get help. Now, normally, family members would have been around him during this time but for reasons I cannot recall, non of his children were. The whole time, all of them were thinking about him non-stop and were worried about... something. As if they felt that something was wrong in regards to him, yet they still could not come. When his son (my uncle) finally did come over to see him... well, I'll let you fill in that part. The creepy thing is though, the whole time, all of his kids (middle aged) were worried about him way more than usual.
  • yes, my uncle died of cancer and one day my cousin came over looked inside his window and saw his face. During around 3:00 my brother saw him come out of his car because his wife still has his car.
  • My grandmother died on July 9 she was laid to rest on July 13. My Mother died six months later on January 9 she was laid to rest on January 13. Mother was born on September 13.
  • When my fiancee was minutes from his death... I sat beside his bed and reassured him that it was ok to let go and go to God. I let him know that I am a strong woman and that I would be ok. When I finished talking, he opened his eyes and looked deeply into my eyes. His eyes were shinning with a light that came through them. We were both encased in some sort of a bubble that was not of this earth. I felt a very DEEP joy, love, happiness,and peace that we as humans cannot imagine. It was so entense, so beautiful. The hospice nurse said it was a gift from God that I was actually in another dimension with him. He spoke to me through his mind. One of the things that he said was that it all makes sense in the end. This experience lasted approximately 15 seconds. I was slowly taken back to myself and at that same moment, he slowly closed his eyes, left out a breath and died. This was a very powerful experience. I feel blessed that this happened to me. I will never have any doubts that there is an afterlife that is peaceful. He died 4 years ago and came to me one time. I have seen him in pictures though. I don't care if anyone believes this or not. I do know that there is life after death and that we are protected and watched over by our loved ones.
  • Shortly after one of my personas died-another did too.
  • My grandfather died like a day or two before Independence Day and he's a veteran. He was in some branch of the military. He wasn't a fighter, I think he did paperwork for the military.
  • Strange as some how related to the death or in relation to something else. My answer is yes to either I've noticed that often things seem to happen as if some how connected to one or another and I am pretty sure that most the time they are not. Any thing that happens needs its time and everything cannot happen in a time of its own. +5
  • well i had signs days beforehand and one morning at 4ish my dad was in my room and i saw him i said to myself my dad died any how the same morning 6 hrs later the police came and and told me your dad has died this is the bit i live 150 miles away from my dad i myself wouldnt had believe it if the police aint come .

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