• I'm gona give you moves based on the fact that you want your team to beat every gym + Elite Four, and I'm assuming you don't do competitive battling via Wi-fi which would require an entirely different moveset for each Pokemon. But if you just want to do well in the game, this team works pretty well for me: Empoleon Ice Beam Earthquake Surf Flash Cannon/Drill Peck (Flash Cannon for STAB and Drill Peck for better type coverage) Roserade (Evolve Roselia with Shiny Stone) Sunny Day Synthesis Solarbeam Sludge Bomb Using Sunny Day before Synthesis restores more HP and lets you use Solarbeam in one turn. Luxray Charge Spark (Spark instead of Thunder/Thunderbolt coz Luxray’s Sp.Attack stat is higher than its Attack) Roar Toxic Use Charge before Spark for double damage, use Toxic then Roar so you can make all your opponents’ Pokemon come out and poison them one by one. Staraptor Close Combat Aerial Ace Fly/Steel Wing (I keep Fly so I can travel wherever I want instantly, but if you can do without it you’ll have one open move slot for Steel Wing or any other move you choose) U-Turn (Good for hitting Psychic Pokemon coz if you don’t OHKO it, you can switch out and avoid the Psychic Pokemon KO-ing Staraptor instead) Lucario (Hatches from Riolu egg given to you by Riley) Aura Sphere Stone Edge Dark Pulse / Dragon Pulse (Stone Edge, Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse can all be found in Victory Road) Psychic (Good for fighting types that are super-effective against Lucario) Haunter Dark Pulse Shadow Ball Destiny Bond Will-o-wisp This moveset covers Haunter’s weaknesses of Ghost, Dark and Psychic.
  • This is who you could have right know Empoleon: Blizzard, Hydro pump, Earthquake, and Ice beam Luxray: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Charge, and Hyper beam Staraptor: Pluck, Fly, Aeiral ace, and Close combat Abomasnow: Blizzard, Ice beam, Wood Hammer, and Solarbeam Lucario: Close combat, Dragon pulse, Gyro ball, and Earthquake. Drifblim: Ominous Wind, Fly, Giga impact, and Gyro ball
  • i dont know any movesets but this is a strong team but it requires wi-fi Empoleon Infernape Torterra Gengar Staraptor Rampordos this team is pretty good look for wi-fi trades and get turtwig,chimchar and haunter haunter will automatically evolve and you have to evolve turtwig and chimchar get a starly evolve it and find a skull fossil and get a cranidos evolve it or trade with friends with witch ever you want try to trade for a haunter instead of gastly though so it automatically evolves into gengar

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