• my daughter get about 2 months off of school for the summer.
  • Yes, I think it's important for children to enjoy life outside school, maybe even go abroad and expand their horizons and knowledge of other cultures and ways of life. Plus, for those thta need time to catch up for whatever reason they now have time to do so
  • Yes I think they deserve a break from school.. Ah they work hard well sort of lol :)
  • Sure. Lucky kids get to enjoy the summer. I get to enjoy it only as much as I can stuff into the weekend.
  • The kids that did their school work faithfully, showed up every day and did their best to do what was required deserve a break. Those that frittered away their time, skipped school on occasion and in general were disrespectful of the chance to learn ought to spend their "free" time in summerschool making up for the opportunities they blew off during the regular school year.
  • Sure do - Summer break has been going on for years. Once they become an adult that's when the summer breaks end.
  • Yes, especially at younger ages, it gives their brain time to reset. Kids would end up melting if they had to stay in school 12 months out of the year!!
  • yes i love it when mine are off, it means i can spend some time with them.
  • Of course, they're just kids! Kids deserve to keep and enjoy their childhood. The summer is a great time to be a kid and have fun with their friends and family. They go to school for twelve years, then for four or more years...and then are thrown into the full-time work force for the rest of their lives. So why they hell should we throw them into a year round school year?
  • No. Not a 10 week break. Sorry to burst the "kids deserve a break" club, but there should not be a summer break of what works out to be about 10 weeks straight. My wife works in the local school system. She knows the sad state of kids being pushed through the system that shouldn't be. Most states require 184 days of school to be in session. That's about 6 months of attendance. Days lost include weekends, holidays, spring breaks, winter breaks, "sick" days the student may incur on their own, and the extended summer break. The last one being in existence because of long ago when children were needed to work at home, in the fields (where schooling was available in rural areas). In cities, when air conditioning wasn't even available, it was just merciful not to have children sweltering in classrooms. Today, the summer break is just accepted as fact and many who yell loudest at the prospect of a full school year are the parents who believe their children "deserve" summer vacation, or that it will interfere with their own planned vacations. The fact is that this country could well afford and NEEDS a full school year. A summer break of 4 weeks could afford enough of a break for students and parents. The U.S. ranks far below many other countries in education... Percent of 15-year-olds falling below international benchmarks: (source= ) 1. South Korea 1.4 2. Japan 2.2 3. Finland 4.4 4. Canada 5.0 5. Australia 6.2 6. Austria 8.2 7. Britain 9.4 8. Ireland 10.2 9. Sweden 10.8 10. Czech Republic 12.2 11. New Zealand 12.2 12. France 12.6 13. Switzerland 13.0 14. Belgium 14.0 15. Iceland 14.0 16. Hungary 14.2 17. Norway 14.2 18. United States 16.2 When students return after 10 weeks of summer, teachers have to spend approximately 1 month reviewing all lessons in the subjects from the previous year, just to refresh the students, in order to proceed to the advanced lessons of the new year. Is it any wonder that the quality of education has continued to decline in the U.S. when parents fight the school system when homework is assigned, or even file lawsuits should their dumb-ass child be held back to repeat a grade? (source= ) One-third of 18 to 24 y/o's surveyed could not find the state Louisiana, and almost half (48 percent) could not locate Mississippi on a U.S. map. On a more practical level, given a map of a hypothetical place and told they could escape an approaching hurricane by evacuating to the northwest, one-third would travel in the wrong direction. Japan is one country that uses a full-year school system. Is it any wonder they are kicking our butts in everything that requires an education? And the foundation for all success is education.
  • In the United States. No, why should they? Same hold for Christmas, Spring, etc. breaks. However, I think adults should get more vacation.

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