• Assuming your car paint is a basecoat/clearcoat, I have found 2 methods that may help. The simplest is spraying wd-40 on the offending spot. The oil in it seems to work well to dissolve many bird "residues". The other cleaner that I use often is naphtha, sold in small amounts as lighter fluid, and in larger quantities at your local hardware or paint store. I use this for guitar cleaning all the time, and it's cleaning properties are amazing. It should be safe for your car's paint as well, remember, you are only cleaning the clearcoat, not the paint as implied in comments on this answer. If you have ANY doubt, talk to your local bodyshop. They are usually very helpful in these matters.
  • I believe you are looking at an acid burn from the bird droppings. Very slow reacting but it can do a job on clear coat if you do not remove it right away. You might want to use an acrylic conditioner as a protectant against the droppings. It will keep the bird droppings from eating into the paint and help restore color to areas where droppings have already effected the paint.
  • not sure

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