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  • There IS no good way to do this! It's a loser for you no matter WHAT you do. Let it go! If you really thought she needed to hear this, you could take her to a meeting where you had paid the speaker to say, "Everyone who's not overweight, stand up!" Then tell her, "Sit down, honey!" LOL!
  • Break up because it's not possible.
  • Don't. It's rude and inconsiderate.
  • Ask her if she wants to go running with you?
  • I am sure she already knows if she is getting fat. No need to embarrass her.
  • If she is really gaining a substantial amount of weight just let her know that you are concerned about her health, after all you are right?
  • Are you actually asking "what is the best way to break up with my girlfriend?"...Tell her she is getting fat.
  • It depends on how 'fat' she is getting. Option A: If it's unhealthy, maybe you should sit her down and have a serious talk about it. I would start by mentioning you don't care what size she is, you care how long she lives. It is very true that a person can be larger and healthy, or very small and very unfit. Option B: If it's your pride, and you're just being picky, and she's healthy with a lil' meat, let it go, or find a woman who will want to eat a pea every day for dinner just so as you can walk down the street with her. Sorry to sound so harsh, but if that is the case, you probably deserve the harsh words, and you certainly don't deserve her. Of course, if it is option A, I wish you all the best.
  • Are you trying to commit suicide? Keep your mouth shut. There is no graceful way to do this and remain breathing.
  • How about not saying anything at all. If you don't have any need for your head anymore, I suggest telling her your feelings about her weight.
  • Just say "So what size jeans are you up to now?" *** Answerer not responsible for what happens next ***
  • Hi im your boyfriend and im immature and Insensitive, now that ive pointed out my own faults your fat.
  • There is no 'best' way, I'm sure she is already aware and not happy about tread VERY carefully.
  • Ask her if she thinks YOU are getting fat. Leave it at that.
  • You don't. Just start leaving healthy foods around the house and go for walks more.
  • Give her a set of supergordgeous lingerie 2-3 sizes smaller than she is. When she isn't gonna fit in it, she'll get the point, that she isn't changing for the better.
  • Have more sex...Good exercise.
  • Honey, Im gonna need 10,000 dollars, to make all the doors wider...
  • She needs to figure this out for herself. I know this is kind of like it, but, my dad would always comment on my weight, and it made me want to eat even more. I finally figured it out for myself when my jeans were so tight and I had a hard time getting around.. I got on the wagon... down 50lbs!
  • you don't. you ask her to take more walks with you. tell her your in the mood for some real food'healthy food'.tell her you love her and your concern about her health.
  • If she is, she already knows.
  • you dont. that will make it ten times worse. normally when people are gaining weight, they are upset about something or stressed out. you can help her by overcome that. also, if shes not eating well, make her supper, or help her! be a good boyfriend.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever imply that she is getting fat unless you like sleeping by yourself
  • I can sum this up in only three words..... Don't Do It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • There is one way, but it requires a great deal of work/time. Suggest that the two of you try something new that the two of you can do together, make sure that your suggestions are physically based ie walking (say, along a beach at sunset) or maybe some two person sport wherein the two of you can compete against each other. Make sure that she wins, but make it close. It'll help her keep interest as a little friendly competition is something that most of us can enjoy. Just keep it friendly and you'll probably need to throw a few games (unless she's beating you, then try as hard as ya can). As long as you keep it subtle and not say the real reason why you're suggesting that you two are doing this, ("I just think that we should do more together, babe") she'll just think that you're just trying to find something for the two of you to do together. Just try to keep the focus on the two of you having fun (and romantic) first, with activity (if you're really good at this, the fun might get physical ;) ) a close second and you'll both look better and feel healthier!
  • I'm sure she knows she is. Would you be telling her because you think she doesn't know, or because it bothers you?
  • Dude, don't do it. Believe me, it never works out very good. You can try to start requesting to go out on walks together, go hiking, say you want to start eating healthier. Things of that nature, but don't phrase them in ways that are directed at her.
  • I'm sure she knows, considering she is a female. Suggest you BOTH eat better and exercise.
  • You dont or you wont have a girlfriend
  • Yo, Fats! No dear, I was talking about the Chinese restaurant I was going to ask you to this evening?
  • Would it be okay to say she's getting a little heavy on the hoof?
  • when you take her to a resturant and the waitress asks her if she wants a menu or an estimate
  • i woudnt.. i'd just hint at it.. park further away from where you gotta healthier foods together...start jogging one day without her, see if she'll bite and join you the next time..
  • Tell her she is fat and thats that. Tell her you can tell by her hips and her breast and then walk away. Seriously just tell her that she needs to excersize a little more. Nothing wrong with being healthy. The truth hurts sometimes but in the end it helps you find a solution to your problem instead of hiding from it like most answerers are suggesting.
  • i don't think there is a "best way" to tell her...chances are she already knows it...
  • there is no good way to say that too her, depends on the kind of person she is she might not take offence... maybe you's could start walking together
  • When i'm carrying her to the bedroom, i'll set her down before i get there, and pretend i'm out of breath.
  • Buy her a case of slim fast and put it in the
  • just ask her if she wants to start working out with you, and eating better...tell her that you're trying to get in better shape and that she can join you...
  • Heae, let me help you haul ass?
  • Verrryyy,verrrryy carefully,if you absolutely must impart that extremely dangerous,definitely injurious opinion as to the horizontal aspect of a woman.Best advice is from several metres away,whilst wearing full boy armour or at the least,a very pair of running shoes.
  • never, and remember those shorts make your ass look fat.
  • Honey, would you and I like to play tennis or some sport together. We hardly seem to get out of the house.
  • This is a joke, right? You've got to be kidding. You must have a girlfriend in reserve. :)))) There is no best way . . . in fact, there is NO WAY.
  • do it, she needs to know
  • If she's fat she knows it. It's time for action on your part my man.
  • How bout, "Hey honey, looks like you're getting a little heavy on the hoof."
  • Are you serious? Why would you even do that. Simply ask her if she wants to go to the gym with you next time you go, or go for a walk around the neighborhood in the evening, it's sweet and healthy! -Jessica Edgell soon to be Zeidler.

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