• Would be same amount of crime peole would just use knifes or something whatever is perceived to be the most dangerous weapon. P.S. guns don;t kill people....bullets do :P gazoo
  • if it wasnt guns it would be something else so yes i believe its people who kill people
  • People kill people.
  • if guns weren't invented people would have invented other ways to kill each other. thats like blaming a pencil for mispelled words
  • It's a gardening season. I killed so many poor innocent worms with my showel. I thought about it - you don't need guns to kill. Simple showel can easilly become a murder machine...
  • I agree. If guns didn't exist, people would find other implements of murder to fulfill whatever drives them. Guns didn't exist for a long time and people still went around slitting other people's throats for bags of gold. It's like if video games didn't exist, all the Bible thumpers would find some other source of entertainment to blame school shootings on. :/ It's easy to blame something that can't defend itself, instead of the person doing the crime themselves. But I'm no better, as I blame society, but on the other hand we're all a part of it. :/ Crime, rebellion, social frustration and oppression are all natural elements which construct the core of being human, whether one likes it or not, and whatever the tool used or the source of influence and or reason, we always have, and always will do things like this. People don't deal drugs or consume them because they want to piss off the authorities or go all black sheep on the justice systems. They do it for money or as a need for example, so I don't see how we can ''barometrize'' the crime rates depending on what is used. Say if for some reason I wanted, or felt the need to, kill someone. I don't own a firearm, and honestly I wouldn't know how to go about finding one. But I'd still kill the person anyway, somehow.
  • I think guns kill people,thus making it much,much easier to kill other people.Guns have cause more human misery than any human invention to this date. Without guns,hundreds of millions would still be alive today.It is harder to kill with swords,sticks,bows and arrows,knives,etc.If it were not for guns there would be allot less violent crime.
  • People kill people...but guns make it easier to do it. Just like nukes make it easier to kill hundreds of thousands or millions or, well, the whole world.
  • Absolutely. Without people operating the guns, there wouldn't be any gun killings. People can do evil things with or without guns. There were still wars and people killing people before guns came along.
  • The crimes would still exist but probably be more physical (hand to hand combat). The biggest downside to guns are when innocent children get their hands on one and a tragedy occurs.
  • I have never seen a gun rob a bank. I've seen people do it before...granted they all had guns, but they all had ski masks too. So again, it falls on the d-bag criminal
  • Actually, if guns were never invented there would most likely be more crime. Guns have been the great equalizer. The antithesis of survival of the fittest. Before the advent of guns, the weak could not defend themselves. However, give a weak man a gun, and he now has equal strength as the strong man with a gun. This results in less violence. This is the same concept as nuclear weapons. Although many countries have them, they do not use them. Why? Because other countries with nuclear weapons will retaliate if another decides. If you want really life proof of this, look at the UK. In 1997 they effectively banned gun ownership. What was the result? Well, gun violence decreased but violent crime exponentially increased. This is be because burglars and robbers no longer had to fear that their victims had a gun. Thus, so long as you target a weaker person, you will win.

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