• I have a scar on my knee from a childhood run-in with some barbed wire. That's funny you mentioned that since my boyfriend has a bicycle injury scar on his face.
  • I have one for exactly that reason, but I'm not a guy. lol
  • I do have a scar on my chin, but it's from a particularly awful shaving injury, not a bike.
  • LOL, my brother does and I think my boyfriend does too. WEIRD!
  • Not yet, but I'm not forty yet. I have a huge one on my lower back from falling out of a loft when I was a kid.
  • Thats interesting... I'm well beyond 40 and have no such scar... nor do any of my friends... or anyone that I've worked with that I can recall... and we all rode bikes... ;-)
  • No I don't. But if I did, then I'd look more like Indiana Jones with my fedora on.
  • Yes I do on the right side of my chin from yes a bicycle accident. I tried riding a bike with no hands when I was like 10 and I crashed right into a curb! 6 stitches
  • I'm not a guy and I'm not around 40, but I do have a scar from an over-zealous leap I took when I was about 4.
  • Nope my scars are on my hands and thumbs, because I was quick enough to get my hands up, before my chin hit the ground. I do however, have a small scar near my ear where I was stabbed when I was 13. Sideburns cover it.
  • I don't have a chin scar although I do have a big scar on my left side near my kidney. I crashed my dirtbike when I was 19 and flew threw the air and I landed ontop of the bike. The footpeg went right into my side. I'm not 40 yet so I still have time to get a good chin scar.
  • I dunno about a scar, but my klutzo sister-in-law knocked out some teeth going over the handlebars as a teenager.
  • My chin scar is from a baseball, actually. I was pitching, the ball came RIGHT back at me, rolled up my glove and POW! right in the chin. Of course, the torn part of our old baseball sliced my chin open. You can hardly see it now, though. My bicycle scar is on the top of my head. Crashed with a big kid on a 10 speed and my hair got wrapped in his handlebar breaks. Ripped part of my scalp up. Five butterfly bandages (my mom didn't get me to the hospital in time for stitches) later, I went through the rest of 2nd grade with almost half my head shaved. Yeah. That was fun.
  • I do! Though I'm 24 and not 40, but it was from a motorcycle accident
  • I don't think I've got any scars on my face today... I've been lucky, I suppose, I did have a pretty nasty bicycle crash when I was only 4 or 5, scraped like 20% of my face open on the pavement
  • I guess I'm lucky, the only time I was thrown from a bicycle was when I jumped a ramp and went flying over the handlebars. I landed on my chest, not my face. I don't have scars below my forehead from childhood incidents.
  • My bike scar is on my left shin, just below my knee.

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