• Me personally? I wouldn't. Yu? I can't offer advice, really on this one. If you want him, go for it, but Remember why you broke up. Why DID you break up, btw?
  • I'm does your ex glancing at YOU make you jealous? Is he with someone else at the time?
  • the thing about him making you jealous means he still wants your attention. this means you should try to get back with him but first confirm he wants you still. and like idk try to be like "so like why have you been trying to make me jealous lately? do you like want me or something? hahahhalfkjsdalkfja" lmfao and like go on from there and if he wants you kiss him and stuff then be like i love you and i want to be with you so will you go out with me. then woo :D lmfao
  • You should never believe something someone tells you outside of your relationship, you should keep it in mind and investigate it before making a mistake and ending up where you are now. odviosly if he is doing this is because he wants you back, speak to him, and apologize. let him know you were wrong and that you wont let something as silly as someone lying get in the way of ya.
  • Ex-boyfriend or ex-husband?
  • Talk to him about your feelings towards each other and find out if you both have a future together.

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