• No, I have more trouble getting others to accept the validity of my feelings... they either figure it out later, or when they're finally in the same situation... ;-)
  • No I always know how I feel and I can always vocalize it. I just don't usually want to.
  • I do....why? I dont know. I guess I feel wrong for my feelings even though in my heart I know my feelings aren't wrong.
  • It's nearly impossible for me.
  • Some things are hard for me to say for some reason. I can write my feelings better than I can speak them.
  • I don't, only the ones I am vocalising my feelings on would be in trouble...
  • I usually don't with my wife unless she starts trying to interrupt me. When that happens I have to start vocalizing another set of feelings. ;)
  • I use the song;)
  • Some years ago, it was even difficult to identify my feelings. I used to bury them. That's not true anymore. I can both identify and vocalize my feelings but I choose when to vocalize them. As long as I know how I feel, it's ok.
  • Yeah I do. When I'm overcome with emotion, it's hard to get words out.
  • i have a problem with keeping my trap shut
  • I used to, not anymore. Just get me going on something i feel strongly about...I used to not say much around my grown kids, for fear they'd stay away...Ha, if you don't want to hear what Im saying then don't come in...They still come:)
  • It depends on the emotions involved. For example, I'm having troubles telling people how much I love them. I tell myself that actions are more important than words. But I think sometimes we have to vocalise our love for people as well, on top of our actions.
  • I think everyone does at one time or another. It usually depends on the situation. Like tonight for example, a situation occured at my Sister's home. It was a special occasion, and I was unaware that she had invited her daughter to whom I haven't spoken to in years.It was very uncomfortable. I spoke to my neice when she arrived so as not to be rude,and I was greeted with no response.I stayed until the party was over so it wouldn't create any bad feelings,as my sister and I are very close.When I got home I was so upset I felt like crying. My sister knows about the conflict, so I was really hurt that she put me in that situation. But as usually, I said nothing. I just wish she would have told me so as to give me the option to decline,which I would have.I really want to tell my sister how I feel, so as to avoid the same situation from happening again. My problem in vocalizing my feelings is fearing upsetting someone.
  • oh yeh thats me, i find it easier to write down words than say them. and i really wish i wasnt like that

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