• its completely normal, every parent is scared of their kids growing up, just dont bug out about it.
  • Its a Normal reaction for a parent to feel like a part of them is being taken away. But their love for each other can still remain the same or maybe even stronger.....Think of it this way Lisa. The little bird has to fly out of its nest some time. .....Take care my FRIEND.....+5
  • It is normal, but it's also good for her to not be so into a relationship at the age of 16. She may be a bit young for a super serious relationship yet. Maybe if you can help her find something else to be a bit more into, so she can see she does have a life outside of the boyfriend.
  • It's a normal reaction. But -- maybe she's still a little kid in your eyes, but she is growing up and has to, to face the world. Just give her some space to do so, and don't worry -- just because she's growing up doesn't mean she'll stop being your daughter. :P
  • Motherly instinct. Perfectly natural. I wasn't shocked to see my dad, step-mom and grandmother in tears at my cousin's graduation from hs. You just want your little girl to stay a little longer, i understand. You're not weird lol, get that out of your head ;)
  • she's growing up
  • Wow! You just described my situation (as the daughter dating a respectful boy) perfectly. My parents are finding it hard but they are really sweet about it and they know it's normal for them to find that i'm growing up too fast for them.
  • Do you remember way back to her first day of school? That is hard for many because it signals the beginning of independence. Then they grow up and go off to college, away from you and when they come home for visits they are more grownup each time..they graduate, get a job, move out on their own and have a life apart from you. They get married and you move down on their list of "important people" least to the extent of this..their first consideration is what their spouse thinks, not what you think. Every step is hard...we all go through it. This is natural and you're not are just a normal parent! :)

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