• Michael Jordan. Why? Because that's all I know
  • Tiger Woods. He pumped life into a dead game and made people actually want to watch it. His level of fitness is obscene. He's so good that after knee surgery, having not played 18 holes in months, he managed to shoot one over par at the Open. Madness. Second for me is Zinedine Zidane
  • Football: Favre Baseball: ? Basketball: Larry Bird, Micheal Jordan...mj...idk they are or were at one point athletic freaks out on the field/court, great role models off of it
  • Michael Jordan elevated the play of others. He always came through in the clutch. He also played in an era with some great opponents: Barkley, Malone, Olajuwon, Drexler and Shaq. Not to mention Bird, Magic, and Isiah. I could certainly make an argument for Tiger or Gretzky as well. They pretty much carried their sports.
  • Roman Sebrle. Check the dude out he is sick. Plus tradition states that the gold medalist in the decathalon gets the title World's Greatest Athlete.
  • Michael Jordan for sure. He had the will of a champion, he proved it on the court, became an icon even in a time when so many other greats were still playing and improved the game of others around him. There is NO WAY Tiger Woods should even be considered in this category, not as a sports athlete thats for sure.
  • that is a hard question, there are so many options, i think what has to be taken in to account is hom much of an impact the athelete had on thier sport. who changed or brought the most attention to there sport. tiger woods micheal jordon lance armstong those are my tops, because these guys changed and /or made a huge differance in their sports, as far as ratings and actuall impact, in other words they ruled their sport.
  • Andy Roddick.... Not only is he hott but he holds the fastest serve recorded in professional tennis, clocked at 155 mph...Thats Amazing. :)
  • I would have to say, Michael Jordan. He was the greatest basketball player ever...he is amazing...I remember always hearing about all the games won because of him. :-)
  • Pee Wee Herman
  • Alamijoondro Balootnikoff- because he has destroyed all those who have dared to oppose him! Either him or Michael Jordan. ;) MJ because he was the driving force in the Bulls 6 NBA championships.
  • micheal jordan hands down i dont think there will ever be another micheal at least not in a long time. micheal jordan play basketball like he was just majic. dont believe go watch his old footages.

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