• Java updates are cumulative... The programs that use them are not updated to use the newest java, so java installations themselves simply install into individual and separate directories. The java update service doesn't know which programs you have on your machine, it simply downloads and updates the latest java versions. Java does not guarantee backward compatability with their files, and it is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to troubleshooting and compatibility issues in large computing environments. I've been in the position of troubleshooting why programs have stopped working more than once when a newer version of java was deployed and an older one removed, and then having to "prove" and document the findings to the rest of the IT staff. Java used to have a very clear explanation of this right on their website, but at some point the explanation was lost or removed during one of their site redesigns a few years back... Hope the explanation helps clear things up for you thoufg...! ;-)

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