• I don't downrate at all.
  • if the comment or answer is just plain rude and unhelpfull/ not funny . then yeah. Downrate!
  • The thing is, some people are really sensitive. Downrating can turn a stomach, off-set a mood, make people feel bad about themselves. Sure, it's only points. Sure, you take into account that you've offended someone or that someone is just having a bad day. But you can't always control how you feel. It feels like someone is actively telling you that you didn't do good enough. I don't downrate because I never want to make anyone feel like that, no matter what. It doesn't make me feel good to make someone else feel bad.
  • No,Im not a troll.
  • Nope. I uprate (or Posi-Troll) people for fun though.
  • I haven't D'rd someone since I first joined this site.
  • Not at all! I have down rated if it was obscene or down right rude. I like to posi troll for fun though! I can give you a few names of some of those "trolls"!
  • I am not a troll! I do sometimes rate people good points randomly though
  • Is there enjoyment to be had in downrating? I hadn't considered that...maybe I should give it a try.
  • No. Though, unlike many, I DO actually DR people for inncorrect ansers to factual questions.
  • There is no fun in downrating. It means nothing, then. You are not hurting the person in any way so why do it? But if there is an answer that is wrong and it could be dangerous or serious if someone thought it was corr4ct, then I can understand why you should downrate so another person won't get the wrong information. But for opinions? It's pointless! LOL!
  • Oh sure, jaek..the masks will be flung aside and the trolls will reveal themselves! :) That's like saying "be honest now"..the liars will continue to lie and the truthtellers will tell the truth anyway! :)
  • I only give negative points for truely stupid or mean remarks. My downrate is no points.
  • If I was the kind that downrated, there are a few questions and answers that I would. Since I'm not, I only uprate the helpful answers. By uprating the good answers, in effect I downrate the bad ones because the bad ones will appear lower in the answer list and at the same time I avoid using the minus button.

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