• I know this is being really picky, but I won't eat anything after the expiration date.
  • I Agree with Andy Ninja. Everything goes in the garbage at the expiry date.
  • I agree with Andy and skeeter; goes in the trash in about 37 seconds ;)
  • I didn't know eggs had an expiration date. Eggs don't usually last long in my house. But I don't think I'd eat one that had expired even by one day.
  • I would probably up the expiration date. The egg packaging plants put the date on when they carton the eggs. The hen may have produced them quite awhile before that. Eggs usually last a long time with proper refrigration.
  • I buy food with expiration dates that are at least 10 days later than the date of my purchase. On rare occasions I've had milk that was past the expiration date. When it was I'd give it a thorough sniff test, then a small-sample taste test, and if all was OK then I'd drink it. I don't usually eat eggs so it's easy for me to say that I'd use an expired egg as a projectile pest repeller. ;) Is there an expiration date on the carton?
  • Something tells me we're about to test this so-called "expiration date" theory. I wish I had better health insurance. LOL.
  • I've been reading online that if the eggs were maintained at a proper temperature, they're safe to use up to 5 weeks after the expiry date. I mean, they are in hermetically sealed little "bottles" of their own. I've personally used eggs that were 7 weeks after the "best by" date and been fine. I stumbled across your question because I have some eggs in my fridge I wanted to use that are 11 weeks past... I think I'm going to skip them and buy some laying hens for the yard instead :)
  • Put the eggs in water. If they float they are bad. If they do not float they are ok.
  • I have used them up to a month later with no problems.
  • Oh I wouldnt eat it two days before the expiration date never mind after it oh im really fussy like that :)
  • If I have stored it properly, I will eat it weeks afterwards. I've raised chickens, and I know how commercial places handle their eggs. Many times those eggs at the store are already months old. So if I know they have been stored safely and never been above a certain temperature, I know they will keep for months actually. The dates on those cartons aren't really there for the consumer, they are there for the stores which don't often keep their eggs in prime conditions. Many store them in an open case, out in the open air, under lights. Not good!!! But in a cold refrigerator? No problem!
  • ew. i dont eat ANYTHING past the expiration date. or even a day before! m paranoid about old food

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