• The way they look at my fresh produce!! :)
  • 1. When old ladies argue with the cashier over coupons 2. People yakking away on their cell phones 3. That guy trying to get rid of his penny collection
  • How they just stand there, and don't move...! ;-)
  • When they chit chat with the cashier.
  • G'day StylishLady, Thank you for your question. The thing that annoys me most is not having enough workers on the checkouts. Regards
  • When there is one register, I have one or two items and the person in front has a cart full of stuff and they don't let me go. This annoys me because I let people go in that circumstance.
  • When they get all they're stuff bagged and they don't move a freakin inch so you can move your cart up..They take their sweet time putting their money away and their coupons, I want to take my cart and push them on the floor. wow, I got carried away, oops!
  • not deciding to let the guy with one item go before him
  • it's not the people, it's those damn monitors blaring all sorts of advertising and crap at me. if i wanted to watch or listen to a television i would be home.
  • Fat people in motorized chairs looking in the wrong direction while eating their lard soaked donut.
  • People talking on their phones, you arent that important that you cant hang up for a few minutes, to take care of your groceries.
  • All sense of personal space seems to disappear in the grocery store line. People get SO close to you! It also irks me when people do not put the divider to separate their groceries from mine.
  • people with alot of things in the fast checkout or the self checkout. those are for the people with a few things and the people who get so close they almost touch your butt with the buggy or the people who let their kids push it so the kid keeps hitting you over and over with the buggy while the mom just stands there jabbering away on the damn cell phone(can you tell I just left the store)
  • The impatient people.
  • I think these have been mentioned, but I need to get them off my chest!! haha 1. When people in the self service isle has a FULL load to put through, when there is a sign saying 10 items or less! 2. When someone has a full load on the conveyor belt, by which I cant reach the divider without crushing their stuff, yet they don't pass me one!! 3. I was buying a bra once from ASDA, and the OLD woman in front of me started touching it and saying "oooh this is nice" her even older friend. yuck!!! 4. When they have uncontrollable screaming kids... LEAVE THEM AT HOME!! *breaths*
  • When the person in front of me has almost got her 3 carts of stuff scanned and you think, "whew! Finally"..she sends her kids to the back of the store to get the 15 items she forgot...then they get the wrong thing. And when you are patiently waiting behind someone like this and someone else with a hand basket steps in front of you. I have left many a loaded cart right where it was and walked out over this. Most of the time if I have a lot and someone comes up behind me with just a few items, I will let them go before me. DO NOT assume that it is okay to park your ass in front of me without an invitation to do so.
  • Thank you for this question Stylish Lady! I work as a cashier at a local grocery store so I have noticed a few things that really irk me. One being people coming up to you and asking if you're open when I'm standing there with my light on waiting for a customer. Also, people talking on their cell phones. They think they own the damn universe. I'm trying to ask them a question and they don't even stop then. Another thing is when I have a long line and I'm the first till open and people keep lining up because they are too lazy to walk to feet to an open till. Also, people who don't say one word to you. I always say hello to my customers and tell them to have a nice day and some people don't say one peep. I find that kind of rude. I could go on and on, but I'll stop!:)
  • The way they always change aisles when another opens up. (And yet another question that has nothing to do with looks! There may be hope yet...)
  • I was just at the grocery store today, and the guy in front of me had eleven half gallons of ice cream and five twelve-pack boxes of diet root beer. I am dead serious. All I had was a box of Cheez-Its (I was jonesing), and he took forever. That was more than a little annoying.
  • folks with one item in the multi item isle.. speeds things up too much
  • When people stare at me and whisper. They will then say "Hey. You like like that wrestler Triple H"... Yeah, yeah. I know. Now leave me the fuck alone before I pile-drive you.
  • they smell like ass and talk to the cashier about some fucking nascar race to delay the checkout... ahhh it's a bitch :S
  • When they smell horrible.
  • I agree with most of the stuff here for sure. But I guess I gotta say my number one annoyance in the grocery line (or any store line) is with some children. Don't get me wrong, I love kids and have taken care of quite a few. But some parents must have bricks for brains, concerning a few different things here. Of course we all hate the whining, crying, screaming, tantrum kids. There's different ways to handle that, but the worst ways I think are: being too nice aka being afraid of your kids and letting them kick you or curse you, etc; ignoring them completely when they do that (it just makes the kids more mad). And if the kids are annoying other people in line, the parents shouldn't just turn the other way. Now some things kids do are cute, but if they're poking at you repeatedly or god forbid (and I've seen it) kicking other adults in line, etc, for gods sake step up and discipline. And I also hate when kids are grabbing at everything in the checkout aisle and the parents just let them throw the stuff on the belt; oh that's a great thing for them to learn, no boundaries or limits. Kids in grocery stores can be like bulls in china shops lol. Annnnd one more thing lol: when the process is slowed considerably down because, for example, the child wants to give the money or card to the cashier, or they want to put the stuff on the belt, or do things like this. Don't get me wrong, that's fine. It's having them join in, be independant, do new things, etc. But when it's done painfully slow, usually with tinkering with other stuff, and there's 7 other people in line, either just do that stuff yourself or help fast with what the child is trying to do. Or at least wait until you get in a line with no one behind you lol. Ok I'm done, sorry for the winded answer :P
  • The people that stand there yacking on their cell phones, dont have their coupons ready for checkout and they have to shuffle through them, and then they decide to write out a check and don't have their license out, and now the kicker.... while they were doing all the other bull, they now realize their stuff was bagged in plastic and demand that everything be put in paper bags because they did not want plastic bags. Arghhhh !!!

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