• Gotta tell us what kind of audio drivers you are trying to install. Or at least give us the model number of the system so we can attempt to find out (if you don't know it).
  • for getting sound in a normal pc which driver i`m supposed to install?
  • SHOULD WORK WITH MOST SOUNDCARD, VERY FEW ARE MISSING FROM THE DRIVEPACKS, ive been using driverpacks from this site that are a year out of date and still workin on every PC i put them in. 1. go to and download both the audio packs then unzip them you may need winrar then burn the decomressed files onto a CD, they will be to big to both fit on one so burn to seperate ones 2. click the start menu > right click "my computer" click "properties" > click the "hardware" tab at the top > click "device manager", you should see your sound card with yellow exclamation marks if not it will be in "sound, video and game controllers" > double click on the icon for your sound card > click "driver" in the tabs at the top > click the "update driver" button > select "no, not this time > click next > select "install from a list or a specific location > click next > select "search for the best driver in thes locations" > tick search removable media (put your first disk in now, if it finds nothing repeat from the beging of step two then use the second disk) un-tick "include this location in search" click next. these driverpacks contain drivers for most known sound cards so just let it scan through and it should find the drivers, they are brilliant if you dont know which sound card you have. also the other pack are just as good for other devices

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