• Hello, I can relate to your concern i have three young 1's of my own. The best thing to do is offer your child foods that have natural fluids ie.. apples,oranges if you fear about dehydration you could give him a pedialyte freeze if he takes this it will keep him at a safe level for fluids. He could be teething so maybe a wet wash cloth to suck on. Good luck
  • This may sound like a stupid question, but I am serious. Have you tried giving him a real cup? Think about it. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot just to see what he does with it. Hold it for him of course. Tip it up just enough to get his lips wet. See what he does. If he goes for it, it probably means he's been watching you and wants to be like you. It only takes a few seconds to try this. If he doesn't, then you've got something else on your hands. Have you tried less acidic juices? How about soy formula? Is your water good spring water, NOT tap or simply filtered? Try all the healthiest things you can think of first. I know what you're thinking too. What if he just wants the cup?! How many messes will I have to clean. Unfortunately, if that's the problem, you will have to make some choices. Insist that he drink from a sippy, or clean up the messes. He needs to drink. He's not too young for the word no. Don't let it go on too long without calling your pediatrician. BTW: By using the cup I am not saying it may be time to switch. It's just an exercise to see if it's what he wants. If it is, it's an indicator that he's already demanding some independence. Well, if that's the case, he needs you to put your foot down and tell him no. You just don't have time to clean up all the messes that would cause. If he's throwing the cups and bottles on the floor, tell him "NO" in a stern voice, give it back to him once. if he throws it again, put it where he can see it and tell him he can't have it now. Let him scream. Wait about five minutes, then try it again. If the problem is that he just doesn't want the bottles or sippies anymore, this method can work but it takes consistancy, firmness and determination. One more thing. don't get too worked up over how much he's eating or drinking if he seems to be healthly in all other ways. Kids, for the most part will eat and drink when they are hungry or thirsty. If all else is well and continues to be well, it'll most likely be fine. I have three, and our oldest did this as well. He still eats like a bird and he's ten now, and healthy enough.
  • You are nursing him, aren't you? If you are, he's probably getting enough liquid.
  • Unless there is something wrong with your breast milk your child should be on breast milk for at least 2 to 5 years of age. See breast feeding at

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