• I never saw it, but I heard it was a GREAT movie that ended with a "aliens did it" clincher.
  • I can't believe he dies in the end!
  • I have mixed feelings about this one. I was entertained and generally had a good time. But I got the nagging feeling I wasn't watching anything too original, It felt a little formulaic and the plot holes were too big. I partially recommend it.
  • I've never felt so disappointed in a movie before.
  • I love Indian Jones movies, however I feel the last movie was a waste of money. Harrison Ford, give me a break Dr. Jones...time to retire! I truely wish it would of gone in a different direction, the hype is not worth it.
  • I kind of liked the atmosphere of the movie but the story premise was lame. Overall, I liked it but I don't have to watch it again soon.
  • I'm a fan so even if it did suck I'd of liked it,It's not the best one.
  • SO, so disappointed. They killed it with CGI. The point of a Jones film is you have to believe the characters are in danger. With CGI you just don't believe. Compare the waterfall scene in Skull with the jump out of the airplane in Doom. They're both fake, in their way, but the Doom sequence is more exciting because it LOOKS real.

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