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  • Well the best way is to usually lay down the line when you first meet a girl. Thats usually when most girls are easily swayed into things they normally wouldn't do. Its the Your body and her body is new phase. At that time let the girl know how freaky you are. They will go with it but you have to keep it up otherwise they won't go for it later in the relationship. This might be where you went wrong. As for now I would suggest either suggesting that you Ask if you both can watch a porn and try to do everything the porns stars do. Conveniently have a really freaky one ready to go. If that doesn't work then depending on how bad you want it you may have to flat out ask for it. I told my wife one day i wanted to just have her lay limp as I did what I wanted. She said sure and it was awesome. Of course she new i was a freak from the get go.

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