• um, i'm a guy, but, i remember my wife telling me that my sister-in-law had the same problem and what she ended up doing was buying 2 swim suits, one much bigger than the other, and then wearing the big bottom and the small top. this only works though if you find bathing suits of the same material / style.
  • This might help.
  • You can also order separates, a top in one size, and a bottom in another. This works especially well with tankinis, but it will work for bikinis also. If you're small-busted but large-hipped, you'll want a solid colored bottom with a bold print top.
  • On any swimsuit you but, try to buy a top that has , jewels/metaldecoration or ruffles, etc, something to bring the eye up away from your heavy bottom. Tankinis are a popular bathing suit trend and they tend to work well for both thinner and rounder small-breasted women. The key to this look is a form-fitting top. If the top is baggy or loose then it will hang off the body and give a not-well-put together look. Loose bathing suits are not exactly attractive, so definitely gravitate towards tighter tops. Rounder bodies should benefit from this type of suit because tankinis don’t reveal as much skin and because the torso is almost completely covered, the body won’t look as disproportionate. The one-piece suit is also a good one for small-breasted women and especially for rounder bodies for the same reasons mentioned above. Again, look for suits that fit closer to the body. It is important that any type of suit forms against what you do have. Never have gaps between the skin and the suit. Luckily, many suits (no matter what style) come with padding or a push-up option. These are wonderful for small-breasted women because, if worn right, they generate the illusion that the woman has more on top. Instant cleavage is created and gives a really sexy appearance.
  • Try a tankini - they seem to work well for most women. Avoid patterns and adornments that will draw attention to the bottom half; and a top that has some form to it which will make you more shapely.
  • Nothing wrong with being bottom heavy, I saw flaunt that booty.
  • Request a Lands End catalog or go to their website. Several of them are made especially for women with your figure, and they have lots of separates so it's easy for you to get each piece in a different size. The ideal two piece for you will have a dark bottom to downplay your hips. A good one piece or bathing suit top will have gathering at the bust to emphasize your decolletage. Good luck!
  • Just a reminder. For every woman who thinks she looks horrible there are a hundred guys who love women just that way. Just sayin'
  • I dont answer questions for people who think killing a cat is amusing.

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