• They don't. They are purely parasites, and irritating at best or harmful at worst to the unlucky host. They can carry disease, they can kill small animals through simple blood loss, they confer no particular immunities to the host, and they do not function as a significant food source for anything but a few smaller mites and some nematodes. I suppose the nematodes might like 'em. How concerned are you about the happiness of flatworms?
  • Flea's are really good at spreading disease and keeping the human and animal populations in check with nature.
  • Dear Sir, Your answer helped to understand these pests as I have wondered about them for years. The flat worm you mentioned I think is aslso called a tapeworm, and yes I know fleas transmite them to the host, and are very dangerous to humans as well as animals. Thank you so much,
  • Is this your logo picture? Fleas are only good for one purpose, to irritate the heck out of dogs and humans.

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