• hey man' your not a loser' ok man your my friend man, an i don't like you sayin that man cause it makes me sad man, so cheer up man ok > hey man i got some pot man i scored some from my brother man'' you ok man ? boy i hope so cause i like you man.
  • When You just aren't what you promised you'd be and you can't seem to let yourself improve.
  • There's always a loser in the room. If you look around and you don't see the loser, then you're the loser.
  • We all lose if we allow the negative to take hold of our lives When you take control of your life with positive thought and application you will never be a loser We cannot always be winners no matter how much positive is applied, but effort with defeat is better than defeat with no effort at all. Goodluck!
  • Certainly not by paying attention to other people's assessment..sometimes they are simply jealous and strike out. We are all winners and losers from time to's just how life works. Neither state lasts for long..when you win, don't gloat..when you lose don't despair..things will change! :) Some people insist on making everything competitive..others just go with the flow and sometimes the flow is slow. It's not true that anyone is always a Loser..however, if you think you are, you make it happen! :(
  • Frankster, My impression of you is that you're anything but a loser. To answer your question, I think it's a conscious decision that one makes. You'll know it because you've chosen it. How not to be a loser? Enjoy your life. Don't accept life's minimum, insist on more. Get out of the house and grow. I don't know your thoughts so I can only generalize.
  • I feel like it. Things I wanted I haven't achived. Love eludes me. Not sure why I keep trying to make things better, but I do. Hopefully I won't be a looser forever.
  • You know when you play a board game meant for 2.. alone..and still no one wins.
  • Easy,your not Just know that no matter what people think of you your always a winner in my eyes. They said Id never be nothing but look at me now. Love you,and will be praying for you.
  • 'Loser' is a horrible word. In a culture which values winning at all costs, we are all 'losers' sooner or later. There are things we achieve, things we fail to achieve, but to call someone a 'loser' says more about you than about them.
  • Some believe that losers perform a necessary service for society. They are to be respected because they are the majority of us and they oil the gears of progress. Call them "Worker bees", the hive would fail without them collectively but if they were to reflect upon their individual lives they could get quite depressed. After all they aren't the Queen bee or even the royal attendants. Luckily they are usually occupied by sports and/or beer so that they don't complain.
  • I feel like i am 1 everyday but no one is perfect and we all do the best we can.So ok my car broke down,broke up with my x,and lost my job all in the same 2 days and that made me fee like the biggest loser.Life just kinda sucks i guess.
  • If you don't know it, you can't be one!!
  • When you find yourself staggering awkwardly bent over, trying to keep your footing, and standing right in front of you is a skinny little 9 year-old kid with an "innocent" smile on his face----as I look up at him and gasp for air, I suddenly realize the real importance of hard plastic "cups" and the importance of NOT underestimating the strength and lethalness of an out-of-control child! :( Frankster, these two pics were taken just a few hours before the incident in question. I'm smiling "gamely" here (click on the pics to get a better view), but in just a matter of a few hours I would be grimacing in excruciating pain. :(
  • When you tell it to yourself, you believe it! AND when you don't do a damn thing to make the situation any better. "A person is who and what he or she thinks about ALL day long!" Earl Nightingale Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! The many books I read, highlighted and made marks and notes in. The many tapes I listened to My terrific teachers, instructors, professors, mentors and coaches! "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • When you get on a losing streak.

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