• you can record from the box ' just run to the box then to vcr then tv. it should have a cable jack in the back. if not theres a conector that hooks to the rabbitears conectors that will work.
  • Her TV is not digital TV ready, though you could easily use a converter with it. But you said she doesn't want one of those (they are kind of a nuisance). Over time, her VCR won't work with cable either, because it's not digital ready either and would need its own converter (as the cable company switches over to pure digital transmission). If she switches to cable, she should consider getting the cable company's DVR too. They are designed to work with cable well, and she can watch one channel while recording another (assuming the DVR has dual tuners - most do). It'd be about $6-$10 / month for that, but it is a nice convenience.

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