• Maybe things have changed a lot since I was a teen, but I only pay half of that for a year. I would do some shopping around to see if anyone has any better rates. Did you check with one insurance company or with an insurance broker?
  • Holy moses... I don't pay more than $1100.00 every six months for two vehicles. However, the drivers are both 43 years old. I would suggest you get several quotes before locking in. Thank God you have a daughter and not a son because you would probably be looking at something much higher. Send her to Defensive Driving to see if she is then entitled to a discount for taking the class. The enrollment is like $50 bucks but could save you much more. I have been with Allstate for the past 25 years and get a multiple policy discount. New York is very high for car insurance but I imagined Florida would be less. Maybe it's comparable because all the crazy old NY drivers spend the winter in Florida and wreck up on the Florida roads.
  • Seems a little high to me, like it was already suggested by redcatt63 who have you looked at already? My personally choice is Geico and if your child has good grade average be sure and tell them as this helps too.
  • I guess it depends on their driving record, or the parents whomever the name of the insurer is. Or what kind of car it is(sports car, convertable ect.) If they've had tickets or accidents then that is about right or if its a boy. Not really sure why but boys insurance is usually a lot higher then girls at that age.
  • Much depends on the vehicle you are driving. I assume by your statement you have liability but but collision or comprehensive. And neiter do you mention a state or city that influences cost.
  • For a 16 year old in NY that's sounds far too low! Usually it's more like 3 grand minimum!
  • At 60, I pay $323 per year for 2 vehicles each has $300,000/$100,000/%50,000. Finally I am being rewarded for 46 years of driving without a ticket and just 3 accidents. On the accidents twice I was hit from behind stopped in a school zone and allowing children to cross. The other hit from behind while stopped at a red traffic signal. The surprising thing is all three were sober, just brain dead.
  • i paid $250 a month (1500 for six mo) at 16 through USAA one of the cheapest out there and obviously i'm female, so if yours is male it will be higher. I worry about your description of coverages. 50/100 does meant for two people it means 50k per person 100k per occurance so if that car has 4 people in it who all die you will max your limits. and each person will get 25k (each person's family) not two will get 50 and two will get nothing. your 50k property damage is not per person. Thats the most worrisome. 50k per occurance. so if you cause a 10 car pile up you have 50k to pay for all ten cars and their rental cars. if you hit a car and it is pushed through a fence, 50k to pay for the car and the fence. get my drift?
  • we pay 400.00 a month just for our daughter who is 21 with two points against her. She got a speeding ticket and a very very minor fender bender.
  • Reasonable depending on many more factors than you've given. Just get several quotes before deciding. That should give you a good basis to make a judgement.

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