• Why do men that're in "serious relationships" like to mess around with other women?
  • Not all women are like that. I'm guessing only a small percentage are. Anyways, perhaps the women you are referring to are thinking that since a man is already in a relationship, they must be a good catch.
  • Thats not true really! Im sure that it can just as easily happen the other way round! its not nice though whichever way it is
  • Generalizing gets old.
  • It takes two to tango.
    • Charin Cross
      you beat me to it! LOL!
  • don't blame women it's also the man, he likes to play around and mess with other women. heck, the women may not even know that he is in a realationship. but it could be the other way around. maybe the worman is just tired of her mate either cuz he is never home, or he is a abusive or just they don;t talk. but don't blame women!
  • oh and please do you have bella sara cards?
  • sometimes its just happens..its not just the woman's can not help who you fall for..right???? ok the woman knows they are with someone else and maybe should not be doing it, but if thats the person you want, your not going to give up on them are ya??/
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, I would! As soon as I find out they're married!
  • It's a case of them wanting what they think they can't have. Same for men though. I'm convinced that's why so many people cheat. When I had a girlfriend, I used to get hit on a lot more by women. Also why do men in serious relationships get involved with other women? It doesn't make sense to blame just one side. It takes two to tango.
  • Some women are nasty mean, they get tthier thrills out of seeing how many people they can hurt, just getting their own way..They don't like the guy either, they just want what they can't have.
  • I don't think it is that the woman has no shame, its not a shameful thing to want to be involved with a spoken for individual. Actually it is a great compliment to any man and any compliment is beneficial in some form or another. I believe that many women of whom you speak believe and rightfully so know that she could contribute more to the gentlemans life The woman you speak of obviously has confidence enough to believe that they are worthy of a particular mans love and has the courage to basically go out and retrieve it. If in the long run it is going to benefit humanity in general than I don't see a problem with that. Let's face it the sanctity of marriage no longer exists. Hopefully this will change within a new system on earth. Maybe she is right. Maybe she is the person that can help the gentleman progress spiritual, financially or emotionally to this man and that it could eventually contribute to making the world a better place. Who are we to judge these women until we understand their motivations. Women in general need to grow a tougher skin to survive in the times that humanity has created for itself.
    • Linda Joy
      You actually think it's going to help him progress spiritually to ruin his family? I just can't follow that thinking.
  • Naturally, this is all the women's fault and the men have zero culpability here, right?
  • These women have very, very, low self esteem. But, they are highly competitive and secretly think they're winning against the other woman. They thrive on excitement and the thrill of the chase gives them a rush. They love this kind of attention and it's like a drug to them. But, it's all a game. These women don't want a committment. They only want to manipulate and control the situation while maintaining their freedom. This is safe position for them because it protects them from getting hurt. Usually, this is the reason why they go after men in relationships in the first place.
  • Sometimes people are covetous. It can involve the insatiable, greedy urge to have things
  • Not all women do. I've been lured into relationships when men told me they weren't married but as soon as I found out it was over. As for why I have a few guesses. You don't have to do his daily chores cooking, cleaning, laundry, take his bad moods or care for his children! That's all reserved for his wife! Another guess would be she doesn't have the self esteem to get and keep her own man.
  • Some will see it as a challenge, especially if they don't like the other girl. Some just don't care nor do they understand what 'loyalty' means. Those kind of girls usually fall by the wayside eventually and then wonder why no-one wants them.
  • They don't. The vast majority of women don't like that at all. And I notice you're not criticizing men who chat on their significant others.

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