• we had them all in our fence when we moved in to our new place. I tried spraying one of those isecticide cans into the holes they were going in and it killed most of them but the problem was not fully resolved until we replaced the sections of the fence that they were living in.
  • Borax powder sprayed into the holes will kill what is in there (mainly eggs and larvae; the adults do not use the holes after the eggs are placed)--and discourage new activity. Borax powder lasts a long time (if not washed) and is a more natural product with few dangers to people and other animals compared to a manufactured insectide. Cheap, too.
  • Boric Acid kills about everything, just be careful with its use. After treating the holes and filling them in, paint the surface with some primer and then paint. They do not like painted surfaces. If the paint is chipping and peeling, the wood is exposed and they will go there. If you decide to just replace the wood, again, prime and paint and keep it maintained.
  • Paint or stain the wood.
  • Nick their tools.
  • The best way I found to kill the bees is to spray them with undiluted Murphys Oil Soap from a plastic spray bottle. Spray right into the holes and their hives. They don't fly around when it gets dark so that is the best time to take care of the problem. Otherwise a direct hit on one during the day works.

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