• I actually don't think there will ever be,since most vaccines(vaccines are really the only true cures we have)use that same disease to cure stuff,and since cancer is so potent and can grow so fast giving someone a vccine would be useless.If we are to hope to ever make a cure we must come up with a new form of medicine.
    • Linda Joy
      We are... all the time! Ever heard of herceptin?
  • No.. I dont think that will happen.Its a sad thought to think that many large companies think only in how much money will be made if they never find a cure.Some may think that not finding a cure for some cancers is "population control".. I agree to a point but I think that the money factor plays a large part. Thats my 2 cents. I would like to think thata cure it would happen.
  • A cure for cancer will probably never be found, at least not in our lifetime. they found a cure for aids, but not cancer.....why? Look at the facts. how much money is funneled into cancer research. how many businesses and people would be out of a job, if a cure was discovered. i know this is a harsh answer, but look at the facts....the money facts. I still have my fingers crossed for a cancer cure. i do not believe the money will let it happen.
  • Not very likely, but not because of any conspiracy by drug companies or to maintain population control; the unfortunate fact is, cancer is not a single disease. Cancer is actually a whole range of diseases, with a wide range of causes, which all result in a similar effect (uncontrolled cell growth) but for lots of different reasons. Because there are so many different kinds of damage which trigger that result, a "total cure" would have to deal with all of them. Unfortunately, things just don't work like that. A cure which deals with one form of damage, could well make a different form of damage worse, and do nothing at all about a third. Treating the symptom (the cell growth, or the lack of appropriate cell death) by itself doesn't remove the cause, either, so that damage which remains would mean that the tumors would recur. Perhaps someday we will get to Star Trek level medical technology, which can find the specific cause and zap it away for each individual case. However, that is unlikely to happen in our lifetimes.
  • I think science will prevail. Genetic research will probably lead us there much sooner than most realize. I would take bets on this if I could.
  • You maybe interested in this article that gives some hope since it looks like many scientists use cancer cells in research and might stumble upon a cure. "Normal human cells are difficult to grow and study in the lab, because they tend to die. But cancer cells live much longer and are harder to kill, so scientists often use them.";_ylt=AkJJdtxsUunJ0.Q06n3al10DW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBhZDhxNDFzBHNlYwNtZW5ld3M The article is by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor for Reuters.
  • sorry never.... as fast as we find cures for diseases... nature comes up with more and more deadly diseases to plague us.
  • Just as there are laws in the physical, (the world we see), that say a one hundred thousand ton aircraft carrier can float or a one hundred ton jet can fly, but only with the proper knowledge, there are also laws in the spiritual, (the world we don't see), that a person can use to eliminate Aids, MS, malaria, heart disease, cancer, blindness...etc. from their body. will help you obtain the knowledge about those laws and more.
  • I believe a cure for cancer will be found. I frequently read about various discoveries, scientific finds, medications that already work, and many years ago, this didn't happen. Cancer was an automatic death sentence. It no longer is.
  • I sure do hope so. I have faith that God will allow there to be a cure - I don't know how many years from now (we might all be gone when it happens), but I believe there is a cure in store. "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17
  • You can demand cancer/disease to leave your body! Source:
  • I hope so. This looks promising.
  • no,no, yes
  • Question #1 = Yes, of course! - Question #2 = Indeed! - Question #3 = That's ridiculous and/or paranoid! - Gratuitous internet deal = ;-)
  • yes,yes, and maybe. there is no profit in cures for disease only for treatments.
  • Yes, the cures will be found, and no, the world isn't nearly as sinister as conspiracy theorists make it out to be. Seems the tin-foil hats aren't shielding them from the evil bogus rays emanating from the black hole at the center of the galaxy. My fear is that the rapid mutation of viruses these days may outpace medical science's efforts to defeat them.
  • #1: Yes #2: Yes #3: Yes, and the reason is $$. I've said this before, why make a cure when you could make a treatment? One payment of $$$$ or multiple payments of $$ for the rest of your life... Which do you think they chose?
  • There already is a cure for cancer but the AMA and Pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about it. This is also true for HIV/AIDs. If you care to learn more google: Dr. Robert Beck Protocol.
    • Linda Joy
      Be sure to research the source before you even read any articles!
  • There is a cure for all disease. Its called transfiguration. It occurs during The Resurrection, though there is at least one of the original 12 disciples that was given the gift of transfiguration and still walks the earth.
  • Isaiah describes a time when “no resident will say ‘I am sick’”.
  • Isaiah describes a time when “no resident will say ‘I am sick’”. Mankind will continue to be plagued by illness until this prophecy is fulfilled. I’d like to think that we have the power to cure disease and put an end to all of this suffering, but it is humanly impossible to reverse the effects of our inherited imperfection. Diseases mutate, resist drugs and evolve, only God’s Kingdom can provide the permanent remedy for all of our problems (Rev 21:4).
  • They probably already have, but that won't make any money or control the population growth, the rate of cancer has not decreased it's increase 1 in 2 now. This isn't a conspiracy theory, for one we know Big Pharma has a lot of money to make, and two, for anyone that has read Origin Of the Species By The Means Of Natural Selection or Preservation of The Favoured Races in the Struggle For Life (clue is in the title), the elite have always been obsessed with population control, here's Prince Philip telling you that fact, no tin foil hat necessary.
  • Most diseases don't really get cures anymore. Treatments are much more lucrative. But "cancer" is a broad term, like "the cold," so, I doubt that there could ever be a universal cure for all forms of cancer.

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