• I think those are bumblebees. I think I've been stung by one but IIRC it wasn't any worse than the sting of a smaller bee. I don't think they're aggressive and a single one is easy to avoid but I've never encountered a swarm of them. If you haven't already, I suggest that you ensure all your windows and doors are closed. After that perhaps you should call animal control or a pest control company.
  • btw, the bees are about the size (in width) of a quarter. HUGE. not just a black bee. They scare the crap outa me cuz they don't seem to be scared of anything - they act like they're the boss and I'm a pest
    • Lilybug
      I think what you are seeing is a Carpenter Bee. It is the size or slightly larger than a fuzzy Bumble bee. It has a shiny black abdomen. They act all aggressive, and they actually think they are. They are not, the dog snaps at them all the time and almost never gets stung. They like to live in rotten wood, trees, homes,sheds,so if you have old fencing, or wood piles around that will make there nest in them. Again, rotten door frames and such make good home s as well. But the bottom line is their aggression is 99% for show,
  • Unfortunately, Bees (especially honey bees) have been dying off and no one can really figure out why. Bees play a very important role in our food supply bc they pollinate trees and plants which produce food, not to mention making yummy honey :) So, even if they're annoying, please don't kill them :( Haagen Dazs has even started a save the honey bees mission .. check it out .. :)
  • Probably bumble bees.... harmless by the way... nothing to be worried about.
  • we dont get them here but ive seen worse
  • Could be ground hornets. They are the biggest bees I've ever seen in America. However, they live in the ground. I've heard they are not too aggressive and only the females can sting. (the females tend to stay underground)
  • Probably you're confusing them with bats!
  • Could be carpenter bees. Males don't have a stinger, females do but usually won't sting.
  • i dont see them where i live

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