• I think its because they're afraid of commitment and if they say they love you they feel more attached or something.
  • In some cases, it might be fear of commitment, but in most, I would think it's because they fear rejection. There are a LOT of girls/women who, when they hear the "L" word will say "I just want to be friends" and run far away. They don't want to say the words until they are fully sure the girl will NOT run. Then there are those who do, but don't know WHEN to say it... Too soon, the girl will run... Too late, they might have found someone else...
  • some are afraid cuz they fail to say so or jus waitn for yer to make the first move. but ah think its aite for dem at tyms not to tell us girls ryt away cus we r jus crazy! but at tyms it kills yer havin to wait for dem ta say the 'L' word, but they jus change the subject on the spot wid you.Or mayb dey dnt want to be committed.
  • I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 years and he is still not able to say "i love you". our relationship is perfect otherwise, and i think he shows me love in other ways. but when i say it i want a different response than ok!!! how do you explain that?
  • I don't think any more guys are scared to say I love you than women are. Love is not a word to just throw around... If it is true love, there isn't any hurry into saying the words. Best if you just take your time and mean it when you say it.
  • because SOME guys doesnt have a balls to say so..
  • Um hah .. his is deffinetely wrong. THe question is why girls never say it .. I know that every single guy in this world wanted to say 'I love you' and probably did, and the chick was always like 'love? ew' or use some gayass way of saying it like 'lurve' or 'really like.' ...
  • They probably see it as restrictive - restricting their freedom and committing them to responsibilities.
  • Most guys say I love you during sex. Once they are satisfied, forget that they said it.
  • Because women take it too seriously. Also, I think some guys view it as a game since they know women want to hear it so bad.
  • My husband isn't.
  • Not only guys, girls are afraid to. I think people are afraid to say all that because of many reasons : 1) They may think that you are not gonna like them back, or reject them. 2) Or maybe they just feel very inferior to you, because they think YOU are very smart or beautiful compared to THEM. 3) Some people are naturally very shy. 4) They may feel like ONLY they are running behind you, and you don`t even give them any value. So, they would want You to say 'I Love You'.
  • We are required by the Lord God and Jesus Christ to love everyone. Being in love with someone is a whole different story. Too many guys say they love this woman or that but what they are actually saying is they "lust" after her. Love takes something special something much deeper that has to grow. If it were not for lust, however, very few of us would ever meet someone to love. Not many, if any, men would ask a woman out on a date if he didn't have some lust to even ask her. This is not to mean lust in a bad way but lust in the proper way.

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