• No, they are quite different.
  • That is true. We think your accents sound vaguely similar. Someone else might disagree, but I can see it. (or hear it, I mean!)
  • I tend to have problems telling the accents apart, but I've not dealt specifically with either one, except on TV, and I've not really heard a side-by-side (at it were) comparison. (Sorry if this offends, but I'm just being honest.)
  • Yes I would have to agree Americans do think both accents are the same. I had a friend visit from England and every time we would go to a restaurant, the restaurant staff would ask her if she was from Australia. It was kind of funny but after awhile she got kind of irritated. I think part of it was because during that time, Steve Erwin the Crocodile Hunter was on TV a lot and people here were hearing his accent, so they were easily confused.
  • Americans can usually tell the difference, but it's not uncommon to get them jumbled. I was trying to use an English accent the other day and accidentally transferred to Australian and my friend was like, "Dude, that's Australian." /hits self on head.
  • I think at 1st earshot maybe, but once a person states several sentences, then the subtle differences can be distinguished. I am currently in Australia and the locals do not sound like Brits.

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