• Hmm! I think they try to put up with Americans who oddly enough lack a sense of education - I'd go as far as 50/50 look at your lest elections and what did Obama do besides nothing?
    • Evil Penguin
      Oh yes he did nothing, that's why Trump is ordering extra cases of executive order pads so he can undo all the "nothing" Obama did.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Obstacles to democracy - bet you LURV cuba
  • My experience is that they are normally friendly and nice. I have, however, done a lot of international travel and found the same thing is true all over the world: the closer you are to a big city people are less outgoing and less friendly. In smaller towns or in the country people are much more likely to be more outgoing and friendly.
  • No, just the opposite. Americans make themselves so obnoxious while in another country the natives are constantly on guard.
    • Roaring
      Yes I found that sometimes in my travels. I was glad when they could not place me.
  • You cannot generalize. I ran into all kinds in various European Countries. Some were very friendly and some not so. One time when I saw two boisterous US college students, I was embarrassed for them in how loud and cocky they were. Just find the right people to connect with and the area of the country may make a difference as well.
  • Mostly the other way around. I have been to 18 countries and the only rude people I have seen are in America.
  • theyve never been rude to me

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