• When she collects money on invoices & receipts - do not enter a "Deposit Ticket ID" on the Receive Payment screen - enter a Reference Number and Receipt amount only. Go to "Tasks", "Select for Deposit" - enter the deposits this way. This is what transfers to the Account Reconciliation.
  • Use Deposit ticket ID that is exclusive to that day's deposit - for example: 010108 for all the deposits put on that deposit ticket for jan 1 2008. If you have two for that day, put 010108-2 on the second deposit ticket and so on. I add CC to the date for credit card deposits and keep them unique as well - I use one distinct ID for all the credit cards on the settlement. Remember - new deposit ticket, new ID and new CC Settlement, new ID. That will keep them separate, but add all the items that should be on one deposit ticket or settlement.

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