• Notified. I love surprises, but this is one I can do without.
  • I always like to know ahead of time if someone is coming over.
  • Feel free to visit me; but please announce it first...
  • Depends on the person. My best friends are always welcome anytime. Others, maybe not so much if you're busy with stuff
  • I love it, unless I'm having a lazy day. My parents don't like it though, so until I'm on my own you'd best notify me first. Unless you're my bestest girl friend, then come over any time. You've seen me at my worst, so who cares. :P
  • I prefer that people call first before they stop by.
  • I would appreciate a phone call. No sense them wasting their time and gas if I'm not here. Plus if I'm not expecting anyone and don't recognize the car, I'm not going to answer.
  • I'd prefer to get a phone call first. It's best to make sure I'm home and that I'm not walking around the house in my drawers ;-)
  • I prefer a phone call so I can make up an excuse for them not to come. I've gotten to where I don't like anybody besides my daughter in my home. I like to feel relaxed in my home and I hate to entertain.
  • I prefer a phone call first. I have this cousin who comes right over from time to time. He doesn't let us know that he is coming over and my dog wouldn't ever bite him or anything. But she can sense the tension in the room whenever he comes over. I think she also knows that he isn't very well liked.
  • Because I'm messy, I prefer to be notified, then I can hurry and clean up my messes and everybody will think I'm really neat and tidy. LOL
  • It really depends on who it is. Honestly. You know?
  • I am fine with both. However if I am given prior notification, I would be better prepared to play host to that someone who surprises me. There is but one exception. If that someone is my mom, any time is good time.

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