• Aside from the usual, phone calls, emails, letters, etc., I think one nice thing that some couples do is keep some kind of journal that gets passed back and forth between the two periodically, like monthly, or whenever they can get together. Another thing I think would help is that no matter what is going on or what you're up to (however exciting or mundane), take a few pictures now and then to send to your S/O so they can feel like they were there with you. :)
  • Lots of web cam cybering!
  • there's skype now and there's lots of photos being sent everywhere you go... i think it works
  • If I was in that situation now, I'd try instant messaging while on web cam and using Skype or some other voice utility. For 9 months in 1999-2000, my wife worked in San Francisco, which is about 400 miles away. I drove up to see her every other weekend and she'd occasionally come down here. The time away from each other made our time together that much nicer. One weekend when she was down here, she came by at 11:30 PM, even though she had to drive to SF and be at work at 8 AM the next morning. She offered to go to dinner with me even though she was going to spend the whole night driving to work. I felt so bad for her that I told her I'd love to but that I would feel much better if she just stopped, got some coffee, and then began her trip.
  • I go on and try to message him.
  • I am writing a book for a girl that I am not in a relationship with, but that I like and that lives far away from me. I put in some thoughts I have of her, poetry, and pictures of places that remind me of her. I don't think it's necessary to do something extraordinary, just let the other one know you think of her/him. A surprise visit should be the best, but a nice e-mail, a post card, a letter, an sms or whatever just to say "i am thinking of you" are really great.
  • Find a very sweet card. Cut a piece of fabric from a favorite piece of clothing you wear. Spray it with your perfume. Mail it quickly.. with lots of sweet kisses. Although they can't reach out and touch you, they can close their eyes inhale and imagine.
  • Webcams with voice chat. Recording parts of your day and sending it to them, either picture or video. I do these things and try to make them extra goofy as if I was with them having fun at this moment.
  • Another thing I did was that I read her a short story and recorded it - I know it's a bit childish, but she enjoyed it. What I also thought about: I speak a language she doesn't speak so well, so what I wanna do is like a language tape - not the usual "Waiter, please give us the bill" thing, but I'll record nice words in both languages. Just a thought, let me know what you think!
  • When my husband and I were still dating, before I moved to Belgium, rarely a day went by when we didn't communicate in one way or another. Every month on the 11th we would send each other an ecard, because April 11th was the date we decided we wanted to make a go of things. We would make "dates" with each other, to meet online and chat and talk about the day. We would text several times a day, and talk on the phone when possible. We would get online and play games together while chatting, watch a movie together and chat about what was going on while watching it, and although I didn't have a webcam he would turn his on so I could watch him play guitar sometimes. And every time we were able to plan a visit, we would start counting down the days even months beforehand LOL. We also made our own private channel on IRC for quite some time. Even though we had an ocean between us for months at a time, the constant communication really helped both of us feel closer to each other, and now that we are married I feel like our past has given us the best communication skills possible for a successful marriage. :) Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When my fiance and I were long distance, he would call me, tell me about a tv movie on later and ask if I would watch it with him. We would sit on the phone together watching the same was kind of fun and made us feel closer.
  • The scent on some material is a good idea and d lasts for ages. I once sent a present overseas and the recipient could smell my scent as I wrapped the present on my bed which is next to where I used to apply my perfume.
  • Besides, e-mail and phone calls as often as possible write letters and love notes. There's something special about that piece of paper with your loved one's handwriting. Take a camera with you often and send pictures to keep your image fresh. Either watch a movie and send it, or arrange to watch one at the same time, and talk about it together afterwards. Read a book together to talk about, or record yourself reading a racy one.
  • Me and my darling live in two different countries but we try and make things feel as normal as possible. We both have webcams with microphones which we almost always have on when we're talking to each other. We talk pretty much everyday just telling each other how our days went and what's going on in our lives and random other stuff. Sometimes he'll play guitar and i'll just stare at him or we'll both lay down and listen to love songs together. One thing I did for him was to make a website with things I love about him, songs that remind me of him, story about how we met, things like that. He loved it, made him feel really appreciated and it's something he can go back and look at whenever and that I can keep adding things to as time goes on. We've written letters to each other a few times too and send each other gifts occasionally, although the shipping gets expensive. One time we set up a 'date' night where we both dressed up and had a cute little date. Felt a bit funny but was cute at the same time. One of the things he's done for me is sing me songs that remind him of me and also write me poems/songs. Really we just do everything we can to make things feel as normal as possible. It's actually quite cool how close we feel to each other at times even though we're so far away.
  • im currently in a long distance relationship over 3 years now and i send my man sweet text messages and compliment him,tell him i miss him and love him so much,and share some of the memories we made together from where he came to visit me,its very hard cause it hurts so bad knowing that you cant hold kiss or touch them.
  • I send cards every so often and text pretty much daily letting him know I'm thinking about him. Sometimes I email the you tube video of a song that makes me think of him.
  • Always keep in touch. Plus it depends on how much you love that perso and that person loves you. Pray for that person and just know that you WILL see each other again. I am in a long distance relationship right now. And we are doing great. We love each other so much. Plus the most important thing is that we keep God the center of everything.
  • Well I was in one of these and thier are a few things, that can suggest, First is while on the phone close your eyes and play out a fantasy it can be clean it can be dirty but I personaly always found it fun. the other is to play online games together either MMO (massively multiplayyer online), or RTS (real time stratagey), or even head to head puzzle games/ board games, the internet has wonderful recources such as scrable online etc. also with things like its easy for a guy to send flowers and other sites make it easy to send a gift.
  • send them sweet text messages telling them how much u love and miss them. and wen u tlk on da fone say it to them as well.

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