• so i can marry Susan now or what?
  • Those of us in CA accept your thanks, and agree it's high time equal rights became the law of the land - not just the state. :o)
  • I'm thrilled, but just wish it was nationwide.
  • If two people what to conmit the rest of their lifes together, who am I to deny, But be cautious marriage is not all it is cracked up to be.
  • As a strong advocate for human rights I am glad to see that the California Supreme Court overturned the ban. I'm not quite ready to yell "HURRAY" because some legislator will surely try to get an amendment to the state constitution written in a hurry. In the meantime I hope other State Supreme Courts have the courage to do what is right.
  • It might be just one more state, but it sure is exciting and promising. But it also means we have to keep working, voting, and not give up! Thanks for your congrats! Hopefully K and I will be married one day, just like you!
  • I love it...almost drove off the road with excitement when I heard!!!!
  • I'm very happy about it. I thought if EVERY gay couple took a plane to California, they could make it legal before the law changed but apparently it's a state law.
  • Hi, DBD.thanks for the Congrats. Massachusetts and I don't see what the big deal is, does that ruling change/impact my life? The answer is, it doesn' has nothing to do with me. So why should I object? I think it's great..I don't see any downside..and certainly it's no one else's business. Happy Friday! :) (9hugs))
  • Its great knowing there are more open-minded people out there who don't think that two people's happiness will ruin the world. Look, we are starting to little by little live by our name, UNITED States of America. Now we just need to get all the other states to see this. Happiness does not hurt anyone.

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