• Most, when I'm in my own vehicle and theres nothing I can do about it!
  • People who change lanes and make turns without using their directional signals. I guess the rest of us are expected to be mindreaders for the idiots.
  • People who don't use turn signals. I hate people who don't use turn signals. And people who drive Hummers. I think they're ridiculous. Not because I care about the environment, but because I think it is absurd for a suburban soccer mom to drive an assault vehicle.....unless she is planning a tactical coup of the elementary school PTA.
  • TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • People who drive slow in the fast lane. They need to just move out of the left lane and get out of the way. Drives me insane every morning.
  • i dont drive but even as a passenger i hate when people pull out in front of the car without indicaters it scares the hell out of me.
  • People who play speed-up, slow-down ALL the way down the merge lane, only to not find a "good enough" space and come to a COMPLETE stop at the top of the lane, with their blinker on, screwing ANYONE else that KNOWS how to merge, and causing a mile long bottleneck.
  • slow people that take forever to make a decision
  • VERY VERY VERY slow people. and people who drive like fools on the express way..weaving in a out of traffic, missing other cars by an inch. This is the reason we need weapons mounted on tops of our vehicles!
  • There are quite a few "bad" habits that bother me. Mostly, aggressive driving....weaving back and forth, cutting people off, tail-gaiting. And then people who drive way slower than the speed limit. People who either never use the turn signal, or leave it on for miles. And "distracted" driving...eating, talking on the phone, putting on make-up, reading, shaving, etc. while driving.
  • People who are swerving in and out of heavy freeway traffic- trying to get into the lane that's going the furthest. Speeding up, why? You're only going to stop here in 1.6 seconds...
  • Tailgating annoys me, but what really cheeses me off to no end are those jerks that pass you, pull in front of you, and then slow down to slower than you were going when they passed you. I also hate those inconsiderate pigs who speed up to cut you off when you're trying to enter their lane.
  • crashing and dieing can bum you out a bit...
  • Drunk driving..second on the list would be driving while on the cellphone :)
  • There's so many of them that I quit driving, I take the bus now.
  • People who haven't got a clue about which lane they should be in at a roundabout. I warn you - if you ever come to the Canary Islands keep an eye on your mirrors every second when you are going round a roundabout.
  • when people dont wear their seat belts, dont EVER use their turn signal and speed while cutting people off
  • people who tail you, and people who drive slow in the fast lane. And people who don't use their turnsignals, or people who expect you to drive perfect in unsafe conditions.
  • This kind of makes me unnerved. I mean, you really shouldn't stand up while you drive;)
  • I hate when drivers go ridiculously fast just to pass you only to then hit the brakes and slow down to below the speed limit.
  • tailgating and being inconsiderate about letting other people into the next lane, as if that means they 'lose' the race. race track mentality in general is annoying and worse, very dangerous. i think was heckles me the most though is when you're moving along at a good clip on the freeway, say 70 or so, and there's alot of cars around (a situation ripe for a pileup, because folks get closer and closer to one another yet they're going pretty fast) and then you get the two boneheads, most often driving little rice-rockets, weaving in and out of traffic at least 20 mph faster than the rest of the pack. they always cut it way too close and they instigate even more boneheads to join them in the slalom style driving. makes me wonder if they really know that they only missed my front bumper by 3 inches when they snaked into my lane.
  • Drivers that slow down to witness a traffic situation on the other side of a divided highway. This inconsiderate behavior can affect scores of cars that shouldn't have to be involved at all.
  • People who drive with cell phones glued to their head or texting while driving.
  • People who leave their turn signals on when they're not turning. I almost hit a guy once because I assumed he was turning. Also, the blinking light annoys me.
  • The inconsiderate road hog.

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